Fans wrapped around The Fillmore in anticipation for Jessie Reyez

It was a chilly Monday night, perfect for a concert. I was really excited to see Jessie Reyez live. I remember the first time hearing her voice on the song “Nice Guy,” her collaboration with Eminem and I immediately wanted to know more about her. Walking up to The Fillmore in Silver Spring, Fans wrapped around the block. The sold-out show pulled in fans from all over the DMV area to see three phenomenal women perform. The crowd was thrilled and dressed to impress, despite the weather so cold. 

Due to the line, many of the crowd got in after the show had started, me included. Nija opened the showed and got the crowd moving. Hailing from New Jersey, Nija has written for artists like Lady Gaga, Cardi B, The Carters and many more. All of which were number one hits. So, it’s no surprise that she would be the opener for another talented fellow songwriter. Leila Dey was next and she pumped up the crowd for Jessie. She even performed a new song from her latest EP, Detour. The crowd responded back with claps and cheers as they swayed to her smooth voice. It was a great treat to see Leila Dey on her very first tour. I love that whenever I am at The Fillmore they play some of the best songs during the intermission of sets. Seeing the crowd singing along to Queen and Dr. Dre. Even heard an up-and-coming artist, Sophie Hunter, playing over the speakers. 

Opening with “Mood,” she quickly transitioned into “Shutter Island” and “Break Me Down.” Each song blended smoothly like butter. The visuals were the perfect added touch. They moved between music videos to stills from movies. “Forever” and “Imported” had movie stills visuals from, The Proposal, Poetic Justice, Jerry Maguire and a couple of others. The show wasn’t just visuals and music. It’s definitely a show for fan interaction. She even performed “Hard to Love” off the cuff and wished a happy birthday to another fan just from reading their sign. She thanked her fans, new and old, for their support.

Every ounce of energy she expressed proved how much she loves her fans.

They in turn returned that love for her, screaming her name until their voices gave out. One even gave her a custom-made jacket that fit perfectly. The day one fans really showed up that night. They knew every last word. I was astonished to see the crowd so invested.

 As the show came to an end, Jessie had everyone join in on a meditation, which ended up in a group scream. As the show came to a close, the fans screamed her name as she walked off the stage. She came back for an encore. Although everyone knows “One Kiss” as a Dua Lipa track, it’s widely known that Jessie wrote it. Before her last song, she gave an inspirational speech. She reminded fans that our thoughts are what we manifest for ourselves. Reminding us that regardless of what is holding us back or stressing us, everything will work out. Stripped down and vulnerable, Jessie played “Figures,” her staple encore song. The crowd sang along with their flashlights in the air. It’s a beautiful moment to see just her and her guitar. The Yessie Tour is hands down the most heartfelt and memorable show I’ve seen in years. I am manifesting that I get to see Jessie in concert again soon.

Photography by Anthony McCray

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