Swiss photographer turned singer, Charline Mignot, gets intimate with fans in Echo Park

Vendredi sur Mer, Charline Mignot, is a swiss singer who released her first EP in 2017 is touring across Europe with her new album Métamorphose and we got lucky to see her in Los Angeles and New York this November. Just two dates to see this magical artist.

A small venue in Echo Park was completely packed.

It was barely possible to get in when the show was about to start. However, at the moment Charline appeared on stage, time and space stopped existing.

As she said, she wanted her stage name (which translates to Friday by the sea) to sound like a journey. That’s the best description of this moment when you first hear her beautiful voice followed by the synth sounds. Is there anything more magical than french lyrics and synth?

Charline, who actually started her career as a photographer, is a pure artist. She lives through every song with a talent and allure, she also gives you some clues if you need translation of her lyrics.

It was a real pleasure to see the grateful audience sing along and cheer her on along the way. When traveling across the Atlantic you hope to be warmly welcomed and this wonderful public definitely delivered. Let’s hope for more dates and cities to catch Charline again on the next US tour!

Artist Links: Instagram | YouTube | Twitter | Spotify

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