Fortunate Youth drive-in concert at The Grove: Night One

On September 25th, Fortunate Youth performed the first of two headlining shows they had at The Grove in Anaheim. The opening band for Night One was the The Expanders, who, with FY, were the perfect combination to kick off the weekend of fun.

After so many months not seeing friends or being out at shows due to COVID, it was amazing seeing so many people come together responsibly and still have an amazing time.

I was really impressed with how the promoter handled the fans who were able to get food, drinks and use the restrooms. Walking around and visiting people before the show, you could really feel the anticipation of getting to finally see some live music again!

I can’t describe how happy I was to hear that first note from The Expanders come out of the full sound speakers. All the problems dropped away for awhile and everyone started dancing and getting the night going. The Expanders had an amazing set, getting everyone overly ready for Fortunate. When FY came on, the crowd went wild! The boys played an amazing set that had everyone singing along… almost feeling like old times. The night really left me looking forward to the next night — two nights of live music!

Photography by Sean McCracken

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