Dirty Heads kicks off Del Mar’s Concerts In Your Car series

Kicking off the first CBF Productions ‘Concerts In Your Car’ — a socially-distanced concert series at the Del Mar Fairgrounds in San Diego — was Dirty Heads! The band brought the energy and the great vibes we’ve all be craving since COVID-19 hit earlier this year, leading to the shutdown of all live entertainment.

After so much anticipation, the crowd instantly let loose happily and responsibly as soon as the first show of two began.

It was a beautiful and breezy, typical, sunny California night. Staying close to their vehicles, attendees danced and sang along as if we were all free again. Starting with a crowd of about 250 cars, Dirty Heads started strong and ended with over 500 vehicles of excited fans, entertaining us for two full sets of positive and upbeat music… which is just what we all need after such a challenging year! Not only were the fans so joyful over this set, but it seemed like the band was overdue to let some energy and passion for a fun performance loose; it was evident they were having a blast coming together and giving their fans the best night possible. Cheers to a great start of live entertainment during a global pandemic!

Photography by Olivia Valdes

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