GoldFish turns San Diego into funky fishbowl

The Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach, San Diego was completely transformed to a funky fishbowl starring award-winning GoldFish on Friday, February 10th. Dominic Peters (production, keyboard, upright bass, bass guitar) and David Poole (production, saxophone, flute, vocals) make up the electronic duo from Cape Town, South Africa, who reclaimed San Diego, CA as their new home. They brought along Los Angeles native DGTL CLR to open up the night.

Between these two, it was nonstop grooving from start to end. 

Devereaux Jennings is the indie electronic producer who creates the nostalgic dance music under the brainchild ‘DGTL CLR’. Jennings has pioneered his own genre called “Nextwave”, which can be best described as Nintendo-style synth wave layers on top of catchy house beats. It his a nostalgic jackpot for every young adult who ever played any type of video games growing up (or currently). DGTL CLR prides itself in giving the audience a live act with a DJ feel, which was executed perfectly in front of San Diego’s sold-out crowd. After a stellar set, including songs like “Weightless” and “Feeling Alright”, the crowd was ready for their headliner. 

As GoldFish took the stage, David Poole made sure to pass out their legendary GoldFish symbols for the crowd to dance with, as they do with the start of every set. This is just one of the many things that sets GoldFish apart from others.

International recognition does not put them past handing out some awesome GoldFish signs to the audience.

These guys can be found often playing shows or festivals in the San Diego area, but they sell out consistently every time. Poole and Peters have truly mastered a delightful blend of house and jazz genres, including trance, excitement, and some saxophone riffs to tie it all together. The guys played many hits from their long discography, including “We Come Together”, “Chasing Tomorrow”, and their very newly released single with Keenan Eksteen called “Sing With Me” (which really did have the entire sold-out room singing along). If you haven’t heard their newest jam, you’re missing out! Coloradan’s can enjoy GoldFish live at the conclusion of their winter snow tour in Aspen at their Belly Up location. Stay tuned into these guys for all their latest music releases and show announcements!

Artist Links: Instagram | YouTube | Apple Music | Website

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