Goldrush AZ 2021: Night One

Night One of the much-awaited, carnival-themed, head-banging frenzy known as Goldrush AZ was upon us! As beats from Kayzo started booming out of the speakers, gymnasts were twirling every which a way in the adjacent circus tent.

One thing was for sure — tonight was only the start of three days of EPIC.

The music never stopped spinning, as masked menace duo ATLiens took over. This, of course, led to the happy house vibes of Seth Troxler back-to-back with Tiga. Jauz’s visuals put everyone in a dancing trance, grooving to the beat, before Virtual Riot‘s dreamy dubstep and SVDDEN DEATH’s hard style took the head-banging (and pyrotechnics) to a whole new level.

Before we knew it, it was time to say goodnight with Illenium and Camelphat. Oh, Illenium… you never disappoint. And, Camelphat is one of my deep house FAVES, so Night One couldn’t have ended better! As ravers dispersed into the darkness, I wondered how Night Two could top this one.

Photography by Franny Kovacs

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