TRISHES’ emotive ‘Id’ album release show in Los Angeles

It was a stormy Monday night for Los Angeles on October 25th, yet nothing indicated a stay-home attitude at the Hotel Cafe on Cahuenga Boulevard. TRISHES’ dedicated fan base came out in full force for the highly-anticipated, intimate album release show her latest, The Id. Following The Ego, The Id is (naturally) another side of the singer-songwriter’s span of emotions and overall reality.

If you’ve never seen TRISHES in action, get ready for the eye-opening one-woman-show of your life!

And, Hotel Cafe definitely sets the scene. With small tables aglow by candlelight, the venue resembles one of a retro jazz bar or an ideal place for budding stand-up comedians to grow roots. This segues perfectly into the personal performance of TRISHES, delving deep into the psyche with expressive monologue between every song.

But, before The Id was set to take over, opener L E A graced the stage. This self-assured rising pop star is one to watch out for! She’s got a look like Billie, an attitude of Katy, an electronic side like Dua, yet the vocal range of Adele. Mix that in with live instrumentals and you’ve got yourself something so addictively “Candy Coated”, you just have to indulge. Seriously, get this girl a bigger stage…

After that unexpectedly spectacular performance, psychedelic indie rock singer-songwriter Jake Hays took the helm. Talk about the best of Tame Impala, Gang of Youths and The Black Keys in a blender! Try listening to the song “Sleep Talk” or “Tattoo” without becoming obsessed. I dare ya. Not only was the stage overflowing with talent, Hays held down quite a charming repertoire with the audience as he went, making quite a bit of cowbell jokes (an entity missing from the drum kit, rendering an alarming and show-stopping situation).

Last, the main girl (girls??) of the hour was ready to put the icing on the cake.

It was time for TRISHES to take the stage. Moving, insightful and at times prophetic, The Id unfolded, enrapturing everyone in the audience. Looping all sounds together, one bee-bop and ooh-ahh at a time, TRISHES performed her new EDM-infused treasures, like the folksy “Animal” and the funky “Hard as a Rock”. One particular track that stood out was “Venom”: TRISHES discloses how she was “born in the year of the Snake” and “in the month of the Scorpion”… “you wonder why it stings almost every time I speak?” I was born in the year of the Snake, too, so speak that “Venom”, sister girl!

With such a thought-provoking stage presence, TRISHES will only escalate in her fame and following from here! What’s next, you ask? I’m assuming the superego will have to regulate at some point. Make sure to catch the new album via the streams below!

Purchase or stream ‘The Id’ album:

Photography by Kristy Rose

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