grandson & K.Flay sell out first night of nationwide tour

The House of Blues in San Diego was packed with a sold out crowd thanks to grandson and his tour sister K.Flay starting the renowned “I love you I’m Trying Tour”. The tour comes just one week after Jordan Benjamin (better known as grandson) released his second full length album respectfully named I Love You I’m Trying. Opening the night was singer-songwriter-rapper De’Wayne, bringing the heat from Houston. 

De’Wayne Jackson (or just De’Wayne) kicked off the show in the legendary downtown venue which was already packed to the back with doors only being open for an hour. If you don’t know De’Wayne, this is your sign right now to get to know him.

After the first song, the audience was hooked and engaged.

In addition to the incredible music and stage presence, his personality shines through making jokes with the crowd and connecting between the songs. The audience was warm and ready for K.Flay! 

The lights dimmed (after a fun singalong sesh to the house tunes) and K.Flay (Kristine Flaherty) humbly walks on in the dark and takes her position for the start of the music. The audience is already screaming and the lights come on for a beautiful red casted silhouette and “The President has a Sex Tape” begins. The energy bunny vibe continued as K.Flay ran from one platform to another connecting with every single audience member that she could, and then performed an INSANELY awesome cover of “Bulls on Parade” (by Rage Against the Machine). The vibe was infectious and San Diego came to play and the entire room was just moving together. Just before performing her new single “Raw Raw”, K.Flay got raw with us in the audience opening up about her recent battle with sudden sensorineural hearing loss and labyrinthitis, which ultimately has left her deaf in one ear. Through all these struggles, the rockstar didn’t miss a beat in the music or an opportunity to jump, kick, or just groove along while she performed amazing pitch-perfect vocals. To say she is inspiring is an understatement. She closed out the night with her hit song “High Enough” and the audience roared for more. They’d get K.Flay again… just not yet. grandson was set to take the stage next. 

The stage setup for grandson was simple, but truly beautiful, paying homage to his album ‘I Love You, I’m Trying’.

Respectfully, he took the stage in his camouflage attire as he appears on the album, and his introduction from the album “Two Along Their Way” plays. When the band is in place, grandson explodes into a new hit from the album “Drones” followed by “Something to Hide”, all of which are live debuts, being the first night of the tour from a brand new album! We are blessed in San Diego. 

Grandson’s shows are hard to describe but it’s the most inclusive, energetic, and loving place to be when you are there. He also blends genre with alternative rock blended with hints of electronic influence and some really insanely awesome breakdowns. After hitting a wide variety of songs from his massive discography including “Dirty”, “Rain”, and “Stigmata”, K.Flay finally made her reappearance to sing “Zen” and “Peaches” with grandson on his stage park bench. It was truly a moment of two friends enjoying the music they wrote together and the audience was in on the moment. After 24 soulful songs sung from the heart, the show closed out with his smash hit “Blood // Water”.  Folks this was just the first night! The I love you I’m Trying Tour continues throughout North America this summer and heads to Europe in the fall! Do yourself a favor and cop your tickets now, it will sell out!

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