Red Hot Chili Peppers invigorates fans at new San Diego stadium

I have been a devoted fan of the Red Hot Chili Peppers for as long as I can remember. Their music carried me through countless ups and downs, providing solace and inspiration in equal measure. Yet, I had never had the opportunity to witness the magic of their live performance. That all changed on May 12th at San Diego State University’s new outdoor venue, Snapdragon Stadium.

Word spread like wildfire worldwide when it was announced that the Red Hot Chili Peppers would be going on tour.

With trembling hands, I typed up my application for a photo pass, praying my imposter syndrome wasn’t blatantly obvious. I held my breath for weeks until I heard back – Approved!

The day of the concert arrived, and I felt a nervous energy coursing through my veins. I laced up my boots, decked out in production black. With a mix of anticipation and trepidation, I made way into the stadium. Designed on the same grounds next to what used to be Qualcomm Stadium, the newly renovated venue is breathtaking! With an open roof, 35,000 seats, a convenience store and numerous social decks overlooking the beautiful San Diego skyline; the SDSU sports complex is taking on the music scene! 

Anyway, as I was escorted to the photo pit, I felt as though I was shrinking. The sides of the stadium grew higher and higher, the stage getting bigger and bigger. It was exhilarating! As I prepped my gear and waited for the opener, Thundercat, to take the stage I turned my attention to the humming of the crowd; shouting with anticipation, and buzzing with excitement fans could be heard sharing stories and snippets of their favorite Red Hot Chili Peppers songs. It was an atmosphere of unity, a shared connection between strangers bonded by a love of music.

Thundercat hit the ground running. Watching the renowned bass player command the stage as he did, I was immediately brought back to his NPR Tiny Desk episode. It’s one of my favorites beaten out only by Mac Miller’s (which ironically enough, features Thundercat on bass). My inner dialogue told me to turn around and scan the crowd despite still thinking about Tiny Desk. As I did, I made eye contact with a young woman who presented a sign that read —

“Music… it’s a beautiful thang”

— a direct quote from Miller’s Tiny Desk. I snapped a quick photo as I shared a beautiful silent moment with a complete stranger. 

The Mars Volta followed and they got us all grooving! The notorious progressive rock group hit San Diegians with the lively energetic performance the world has come to know and love. Despite some member changes, The Mars Volta has held a strong fan base since their early days in 2001. Long-time fans understand the connection between The Mars Volta and the Red Hot Chili Peppers; including a shared love for guitarist John Frusciante.

Before I knew it, The Mars Volta waved goodbye and the packed stadium felt the first chords reverberate. My heart was racing. Flea, the energetic bassist, bounded onto the stage, his fingers dancing across the strings with unparalleled skill. The crowd erupted in thunderous applause, their voices blending into a harmonious chorus. Chad Smith and John Frusciante matched his level perfectly. The three jammed out, swallowing us in the controlled chaos they exude.

The spell was only broken when lead singer, Anthony Kiedis, took the stage. At that moment, the entire band materialized before my eyes, a collective force of creativity and passion. Instrumental notes and melodic voices echoed through the arena like a lightning bolt. He sang with an intensity that shook me to my core, pouring every ounce of his being into each word. Even more impressive was the fact that the rocker bounded across the stage with his foot in a walking boot.

With every beat of Smith’s drums, I felt my pulse quicken. I surrendered myself to the music and my camera. Capturing the raw emotion that filled the air, both on stage and off stage.

Each song unfolded like a story, drawing listeners deeper into their world of funky rhythms and anthemic melodies. 

The night flew by in a blur of euphoria. I photographed, I danced, I sang, I laughed in a collective ecstasy that could only be felt in the presence of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. It was a night of liberation, a night where everything else faded away, leaving only the music and the moment.

As the final notes of their encore echoed through the stadium, I was overcome with a bittersweet mix of elation and sadness. The concert had come to an end, but the memories etched in my heart would last a lifetime. I had experienced the Red Hot Chili Peppers in all their live glory. I had photographed them in the throws of their passion, and it was everything I had hoped for.

As I walked out of the stadium, the night air felt different. The world seemed a little brighter, the challenges a little easier to face. The Red Hot Chili Peppers had given me and the entire crowd an unforgettable experience, a reminder that music had the power to uplift and transform. I will forever carry the spirit of that concert with me, forever grateful for the magic that had unfolded on that stage and for the opportunity so graciously presented to me.

If you weren’t able to catch the show, check out the Spotify setlist below and give us a follow!

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