Greta Van Fleet takes St. Louis back to the 70s, with Geese & Mirador

St. Louis was given their latest dose of Rock-and-Roll as Greta Van Fleet kicked off the second leg of their Starcatchers World Tour at Chaifetz Arena. 

A night of firsts, it was also the live debut of the band Mirador, consisting of GVF’s very own Jake Kiszka putting his head together with Chris Turpin to create a crooning and emotional opening act. The band’s chemistry onstage was the highlight of the night’s show starters, accentuated by dramatic lighting and easy-to-listen melodies.

Next on the docket was Geese, who are very adamant about being an “American band”.

This group of youths’ music has jam band vibes paired to a laissez-faire attitude that really showed in the way they held themselves onstage. Geese has something very rock-and-roll about their carefree attitude, and the amount of smiles and jokes that they let out throughout the set was well-welcomed in between the long wailing notes of the lead singer. A middle-aged lady next to me said they reminded her of the experimental rock band fronted by Julien Casablancas called The Voidz.

Last, but not least, was headlining act Greta Van Fleet. Their show was a grandiose affair in all its pyrotechnic glory. The band took the stage with the crowd immediately going wild. The lead singer’s high-pitched tenor voice went reeling over the top of the blues-based rock licks. The band took plenty of breaks to joke with the audience, as well as show love to their fans by passing out flowers to the crowd several times during the show. They even played the latter section of the show from a smaller stage, at the back of the stadium, which was much more intimate and provided a lot of value for the people on that half of the venue. 

All in all, it was a pretty fun, upbeat rock show. The aforementioned lady next to me turned at one point and said “I feel like I’m back in the 70s!”… which is a pretty good endorsement, if you ask me!

Photography by Sean Rider

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