Hippie Sabotage at Observatory North Park

San Diego was ready to rage on February 27th at the Observatory North Park as Hippie Sabotage hosted The Direction of Dreams Tour, an evening of insane beats and visuals to match. With openers ilo ilo kicking the night off right, the evening was a recipe for a good time.
A dynamic duo, to say the least, ilo ilo brought the heat early on with incredible energy. If the audience were not fans before this evening, they certainly were after they heard the unique electronic vibe of ilo ilo’s sound. A crazy mashup of instruments and sounds brought together to an upbeat jam, you just can’t help but dance to it. Not much else is known about these two guys except for they come prepared, with light-up drumsticks and throw a good party. Awesome hits they displayed included “wait”, “let me go” and “habits”.

What I was NOT expecting was an insane visual show to match the immense vibe of the electronic music.

Up next, Hippie Sabotage. The second brothers, Kevin & Jeff Saurer, took the stage and the vibe in the room was unmatched. Kevin instantly lit his own brand Hippie Sabotage Devils Eyes OG preroll and the crowd instantly cheered in approval, ultimately with probable jealously. Seconds later, Jeff dropped the beat behind the decks and Kevin was in the crowd literally as much as humanly possible. At one point, he was IN the most pit, keeping up with every beat while playing to the crowd around him. The crowd never silenced once as the hits rolled on through, including “High Enough”, “Options”, “Drifter” and the grand finalé, “Devil Eyes”. What I was NOT expecting was an insane visual show to match the immense vibe of the electronic music. These guys are not ones to miss! They are continuing the Direction Of Dreams Tour soonm with the fabulous ilo ilo through the east coast and finishes up in the Midwest in May… so far. Seriously guys, this is a dream tour with these two amazing artists, don’t miss it once it continues!

Photography by Franny Kovacs

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