J Boog sells out Ace of Spades with support from Likkle Jordee

Reggae sensation J Boog sold out Ace of Spades on Monday, February 20th, and if you didn’t get to go you missed an amazing show. Likkle Jordee, a reggae artist from O’ahu Hawai’i started off the night with his original and authentic reggae sound. His charismatic performance got the crowd hyped. Definitely check out his album Brand New if you haven’t yet!

J Boog came out singing the intro to Bob Marley’s “Exodus” and the packed house went wild!  He said that he loves Sacramento because the audience is always the loudest! He definitely has a huge and awesome fan base here in Sactown. We love us some J Boog!  

It’s such a fun time watching J Boog and his band on stage because not only do they sound amazing, but they have so much fun up there. The back-up vocalists especially are a blast with their high energy and dancing. The saxophonist was amazing and had many solos during the night. The whole band was just amazing.  

J Boog did not hold out on us and played so many songs including, “Every Little Thing”, “Lifetime Lover”, “Love Season”, “Ain’t No Love”, “Mystery”, “Sunshine Girl”, “Smoking Bomb Bud”, “Ganja Farmer”, “Leaving with Me”,”Hear Me Roar”, “Siva Mai”, “Good Cry”, “Let’s Do It Again”, and many others. Such an awesome setlist, he really spoiled us. 

One of my favorite parts of the show was when he stopped a song and restarted it, saying,

“If it sounds nice, we have to play it TWICE!” Then, restopping the song because, “if it still sounds nice, play it THRICE!” 

J Boog puts his whole heart and soul into every performance and every song and it is just awesome to witness it. Thank you so much to J Boog for allowing me to photograph the show, it was such an honor and bucket list item, for sure. I hope to get to do it again sometime. If you get a chance to see him on this tour, you’re going to have the best time!

Artist Links:

J Boog: Website | Instagram | Spotify | YouTube

Likkle Jordee: Website | Instagram | Spotify | YouTube

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