Jake Owen brings his Loose Cannon tour to The Wiltern in Los Angeles

Florida native country music singer Jake Owen brings his electrifying Loose Cannon tour with opening acts, Daves Highway and Tyler Booth to Los Angeles California live at The Wiltern on a beautiful Tuesday evening to celebrate his recent seventh studio album, Loose Cannon

Owen’s successful music career wasn’t always the plan at a young age. Jake actually started out pursuing a career as a golfer and even won his first professional golf tournament just at the early age of 15. As he continued hitting balls for a living, an unfortunate wakeboarding accident halted his golfing career with a shoulder injury that prevented him from playing for a year. After dealing with that frustration, Jake one day discovered a guitar in his roommate’s closet which then led him to learning how to play on his own.

“I always believe that when one door closes, another one opens up,” Owen said.

“I had lost my interest in golf, since I couldn’t play, and found a new love with music,” he elaborated.

Walking into The Wiltern with its gorgeous french art deco architecture, I was surrounded by fans lined up at the many full bars that were around me ready to grab their favorite drinks, lined up to grab their favorite artist merchandise and then rushing to show their ticket to an usher to enter the historic venue. As it was getting closer to show time, I worked my way closer to the stage, got into position and then the lights started to dim as it hit 8:00pm. Kentucky born American country singer Tyler Booth hit the stage and the crowd went into a roar. Booth came out swinging, performing songs such as “87 Octane”, “Palomino Princess” and even covering a few from his brand new EP, Keep It Real that features songs such as “G.O.B. by the G.O.G”, “Different Kind Of Blue” and “Bring On The Neon.” With inspiration from legends like Willie Nelson and BB King, his smooth rich tones and old school country charm will steal your hearts and make you keep coming back for more. 

As it was time for the headlining act to start, the lights began to fade and Jake Owen appeared with an acoustic guitar in hand and proceeded with taking a seat at the end of the stage. While the crowd was hollering and cheering for Jake, a spotlight was put on him and the lights dimmed down low. He then started his set by signing “LAX” as his opening song. Other songs that followed were “Anywhere With You”, “The One That Got Away”, “Alone With You”, “Grass Is Always Greener” which featured mesmerizing shiny green and blue neon lights up on the stage. While singing “Catch A Cold One,” Jake Owen started tossing a few beers out into the crowd so he could share a cold one with a few lucky fans. Halfway through the night, all I can say is that it did not feel like a Tuesday night in Los Angeles. At one point during the show, Jake brought back Tyler Booth on stage to sing “You Never Even Called Me by My Name” by Steve Goodman.

The night was filled with so much high energy, fans were on each other’s shoulders waving their hands in the air and some were attempting to catch flying guitar picks thrown by Jake.

Everyone was clapping their hands along to the beat and singing songs word for word. Everyone was having such a fantastic time that you could tell they did not want the night to end. Other smash hit songs that were sung include, “Beachin’”, “American Country Love Song” and “Down to the Honky Tonk.” Throughout the night Jake sang a few popular covers to surprise the crowd that included “Stand By Me” by Ben E. King and “Miss You” by The Rolling Stones. Towards the end of the concert, Jake ended his set by singing “Loose Cannon” from his new album Loose Cannon and “Barefoot Blue Jean Night” to close out the magical evening. 

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