Reggae Rise Up – Las Vegas 2023: Day Three

The third and final day of Reggae Rise Up illuminated the Downtown Las Vegas Event Center with a scorching sun, and an even hotter musical lineup. Despite temperatures hovering in the low 90s, the positive vibrations and infectious energy remained at an all-time high. Let us journey through the day, from the opening tunes of the Vibe Stage, to the vibrant performances on the Rise Up Stage to close out a weekend to remember. 

Despite the sweltering desert sun, Reggae Rise Up Vegas 2023 maintained its reputation for creating a community of unity, positivity, and cultural appreciation.

The artists, the live art displays, the craft vendors, and exceptional food all contributed to the festival’s mission to celebrate reggae culture as a whole. 

The Vibe Stage definitely kept the vibes alive over the first two days and day three didn’t disappoint. Sober Down set the tone, opening day three for the remaining acts, including, Aaron Wolf, The Kaleidoscope Kid, Tunnel Vision, Lila Iké, Eddie Zuko, Iya Terra and Action Bronson. Aaron Wolf brought out early crowds with “My People” to keep the festival “Moving On” to what may have been Iya Terra’s last set as they the move past this chapter together with “Ease and Grace”. Their music will forever remind us that, “life is fucking beautiful”! 

Over on the Rise Up stage, The Irie, from Phoenix, AZ, go attendees to “Kick It”, with their opening set and brought a paradise feel to a desert oasis. Kyle Rising of Sensi Trails, Joe Samba, Bumpin Uglies, Bryce Vine, Lettuce, Dirty Heads and Sublime with Rome rounded out an iconic lineup, providing and experience that kept us all “Cool and Collected”. As you can see by the line up, the “Rise Up” stage did exactly that and what a rise it was! There was a sound for everyone on this stage.

Regardless if you were into reggae, psychedelic rock, hip hop, or even funk, the Rise Up stage delivered and closed out an epic festival. 

Reggae Rise Up Vegas at the Downtown Las Vegas Event Center was a culmination of three days filled with groovy tunes, cultural celebration, and positive vibrations. The lineups at the “Vibe Stage” and the “Rise Up Stage” showcased the rich diversity within reggae musics community, appealing to both traditional and contemporary styles. As the sun became a forethought the Las Vegas skyline took over the show again. The stage lights vanished for the last time that evening and it was evident that the festival had once again succeeded in celebrating reggae’s timeless message of love, unity, and good vibes. Leaving a lasting impact on all those who joined in on the festivities and the overall experience that is Las Vegas!

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