Lewis Capaldi sells out Greek Theatre in Berkeley

Sunday April 30th, Lewis Capaldi, the self proclaimed “Scottish Beyonce”, brought the Broken By Desire To Be Heavenly Sent tour to Berkeley’s William Randolph Hearst Greek Theatre in California for a sold out seated show.

The historic venue which opened back in 1903 was packed by the time Lewis Capaldi started at 8pm with all 8,500 seats occupied. This was my first ever sold out show here and it was amazing to see how many people were able to squish together on on the ancient greek styled seating which is very steep and narrow with no hand rails.

The tour opener for the evening was Medium Build from Anchorage, Alaska. Medium Build is the creative project of Nick Carpenter who currently has a total of five albums with the latest one released in January of this year titled, Health. Medium Build played many of the songs off this release including, “Gimme Back My Soul”, “Never Learned To Dance”, “Especially Me” and “Rage” where he got the crowd to scream at the top of their lungs. Carpenter and his band even played some of their older songs including my personal favorite, “Be Your Boy”. This was the largest crowd Carpenter has ever played to, you could tell him and his band members were having a blast as they had smiles on their faces throughout the set. Medium Build’s music is much like Capaldi’s being that his lyrics are heartfelt and genuine. He sings about love, loss, and friendship. If any Lewis Capaldi fans are reading this, please do yourself a favor and check out Medium Build. Who knows, he might become your new favorite artist. 

After Medium Build’s passionate set it was time for what everyone was waiting for, the “Scottish Beyonce” himself, Lewis Capaldi. Fresh off releasing his newest single, “Wish You The Best” and his Netflix Documentary, “Lewis Capaldi: How ‘m Feeling Now”, Capaldi is arguably one of the biggest artists right now alongside Taylor Swift. The crowd went crazy when Capaldi came on stage and also in between songs where jokily Capaldi would tell the cheering crowd to shut up. The setlist included all the hits and is as followed: “Forget Me”, “Forever”, “Lost on You”, “Fade”,”Before You Go”, “Bruises”, “Wish You The Best”, “Grace”, “Pointless”,”Hold Me While You Wait”, and for the encore, “Someone You Loved”. Capaldi’s voice was captivating throughout and stand out moments were during “Bruises” and “Wish You The Best” where the audience members got out their flashlights and screamed along. All in all it was a very good show and I would definitely recommend any fan of Lewis Capaldi or Medium Build to check out a show near you if you can. 

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