Louis Tomlinson’s solo world tour, Faith in the Future 2023, is going off

A solo career after being in a popular band has never been easy, especially when you’re only 18 years old and have been part of the world-famous boy band One Direction. Yet, even as the band comes to an end, you still find joy in being part of it.

Louis Tomlinson was the one who never sought a solo career. However, when you’re a true artist, being on stage is the only way to go. So, you have to venture out alone and create your own show. For Louis, it was a long journey filled with personal drama and the postponement of his first solo tour in 2020, as he reveals in his recently released documentary “All of Those Voices.” And now, here we are at his second world tour, “Faith in the Future 2023,” listening to his second album, “Faith in the Future,” which was released in November 2022.

As we reach the halfway point of the North American leg, we find ourselves in Phoenix, AZ, at the Arizona Financial Theatre.

Incredibly supportive fans have been lining up since 2 a.m. just to get closer to the barricade.

The venue is nearly full by the time the first opening act takes the stage. People already know that this show is a must-see.

Making his U.S. debut, Andrew Cushin, an insanely talented 23-year-old singer-songwriter, delivers a touching and extremely inspiring performance. With his stunning baritone voice and lyrics that belie his age, Andrew sings about his own struggles, hopes, and dreams. He is about to release his debut album, “Waiting For The Rain,” in the fall, which includes all the singles he performs, including the new one, “It’s Coming Round Again.”

The second opening act is The Snuts. Despite their van breaking down on their way from Las Vegas, they managed to make it to Phoenix. They are another phenomenal discovery for the audience. Hailing from Scotland, this band is also highly supported by their fans. They open their set with their recently released single, “Gloria.” The Snuts have the vibe of a band playing in a small bar, and each member is a talented musician who clearly enjoys their time on stage, just as the audience enjoys their electrifying music.

Even those who are hearing them for the first time find themselves dancing and singing along, fueled by the band’s positive energy. With both these engaging openers, time flies by, and finally, Louis Tomlinson takes the stage. The crowd erupts into cheers and excitement as he begins his first song, “The Greatest.” For those who are familiar with One Direction, his show is a total surprise. His solo music leans towards the edgy side, but it’s also incredibly catchy and powerful. Louis has an amazing band accompanying him on stage, and the entire set is perfectly suited for performing in huge venues. Touring and interacting with the audience is his favorite part of the job, as can be seen in his latest album, “Faith in the Future.”

Of course, he performs a couple of songs from his former band as a tribute to that chapter of his life. One of the highlights of the night is his breathtaking cover of the Arctic Monkeys‘ song, “505.” With his unique interpretation and personal touch, he breathes new life into the track. Beyond his own performance, Louis’ concert is also a visual spectacle. The stage setup, lighting, and production elements create a mesmerizing atmosphere that perfectly complements the setlist. The show, overall, is a testament to Louis’ growth as a solo artist. Every night, he proves his ability to connect with the audience and shines on stage as the one and only member and artist, Louis Tomlinson.

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Karla Zumaya
1 year ago

OMG the photos are amazing and the review is very flattering 🥹🥹🥹I’m so proud of him.