Mac Sabbath makes mouths water at the Observatory OC

On Friday, March 22nd, Mac Sabbath invaded Orange County, California, headlining a show at The Observatory in Santa Ana. The eccentrically garbed, McDonald’s-inspired band was supported by the Venomous Pinks and O.C. veterans of punk, D.I.

Venomous Pinks, the all-female punk band from Arizona, kicked things off with their high energy, getting the crowd in the mood for the incredible night ahead. Next to the stage came D.I., continuing the momentum started by the rowdy Venomous Pinks. They played crowd favorites, like “Richard Hung Himself”, “Guns”, and “Youth in Asia”. They got the crowd even more excited with circle pits and stage dives for everyone. Always one of my favorite bands to cover with nonstop movement, the band was absolutely obliterating the stage at the Observatory.

Next up was the one, the only, the mouthwatering Mac Sabbath. 

I couldn’t imagine the crowd getting more hyped than they were for D.I.’s set, but as the curtain was brought up to hide the onstage preparations between sets, you could feel the anticipation in the air. Then, the curtain dropped.

The Mac Sabbath players got going as Ronald ran out in a straight jacket, starting to singing. The band was incredible, not only a riot to look at but joking the whole set. They played songs like “Organic Funeral”, “More Ribs”, “Love Buns”, and “Chicken for the Slaves”; it was so great seeing so many fans raging and singing along!

That was my first time having the opportunity to cover Mac Sabbath and I am definitely a fan now — and forever. If you want a brilliant show, I highly recommend making every effort to see them perform live. I’ll for sure be seeing them again!

Photography by Sean McCracken

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