Nick Shoulders gets boots stomping in Ventura, California

Nick Shoulders has a music sound of his own, inherited from his family’s vocal ancestors that equates into catchy tunes to whistle along to. On March 23rd, Ventura Music Hall got a taste of this unique form of country music: a blend of Americana, surf rock, blues, and even some yodeling in the mix, too.

Nick Shoulders — coming from Arkansas — wrapped his Spring Breaking-Point Tour, Part Two on the west coast and I am glad I got the chance to catch this guy and his band, The Okay Crawdad, out in action.

Two Runner is an American roots duo with vocal harmonies, flatpicking guitar/banjo and old-time fiddle. The two ladies opened the show for Nick Shoulders with great sound and stage performance. Two Runner hails from Northern California, with both ladies growing up playing music at a young age. Now, they are ready to take on the music world. Any time you can get a good fiddle player in a band (and in this case, two) it makes for the quintessential country feel; I left the show adding Two Runner to my playlist to check out more of their music!

Then, it was time for the main event. During the show, Nick Shoulders stopped numerous times after songs to thank the crowd and express how happy and thankful he was to see a full room enjoying his music. He told about how hearing the crowd sing back to him reminds him of living back home, holler singing and hearing his echo, and how he loves that feeling when out on the road.

As he performed his hit “Too Old To Dream”, the crowd was boot stomping and swing dancing away!

All Bad is the latest album from Nick Shoulders and The Okay Crawdad, continuing the talented sound of previous albums. Nick Shoulders and The Okay Crawdad even brought the two back out to preform a couple song together. 

Photography by Tre Torres

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