Mike Love & friends perform Jannus Live, St. Petersburg

Friday April 15th, everyone got off work and headed to downtown St. Petersburg for a night of soul-healing reggae music at Jannus Live. It was a magical night that started off with a local band called Drifting Roots, joining headliner Mike Love on his Florida run. It was Drifting Roots‘ first time performing at Jannus as a full band and they rocked the house, getting everyone pumped up for all the great artists still to come on the list.

This is one band to look out for, launching upwards in the reggae scene!

If you missed them at Reggae Rise Up Florida, Drifting Roots is on the list for RRU Maryland and currently working their way around the country, spreading positive sweet reggae music, so make sure to check them out. Next up was Brett Wilson from Roots of Creation, along with Andrew Riordan on saxophone. They had the whole place jamming! Check out Wilson’s latest release “Ocean Moon” and keep your eyes out for Brett or Roots of Creation coming to a town near you!

Cas Haley came out like he was “Walking on the Moon” — one of the great songs he performed. He even brought his family out to join him onstage: his daughter was on violin and his son picked up the bass for a few songs. He finished his set with the help of Drifting Roots coming back out to join him and the fans loved every bit of it.

After those amazing sets, it was time for Mike Love and, once he stepped onto the stage, the fans went wild. They then fell silent as soon as he started to sing, as if he had put everyone in a trance of bliss. His singing is so amazing — it’s powerful and beautiful at the same time. You can feel it within; it makes the hairs on your neck stand up and gives you chills that run down your body, making you just start dancing freely without a worry in the world. By the time the show was coming to an end, you can feel the good vibes in the air — this music heals and helps so many! Mike Love live is an experience you need to feel yourself; I love his music, but in person, it was mesmerizing. Big ups to the Deuterman Productions for always bringing the best shows around Florida!

Photography by Brian “Porkchop” Nicholson

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