Monster Energy Outbreak Tour hits San Diego, with Zero 9:36 & more

Zero 9:36 came to San Diego’s House of Blues Voodoo Room, with support from Garzi and Fame on Fire! I’m such a sucker for these smaller venues, because it’s so intimate and I feel like the bands are so much more appreciative of the people who comes out!

GARZI kicked off the night, who told us that has been doing the tour all by himself — with no band — and driving his own car to every show. That is a lot of drive and determination on his behalf, which I really admire. It’s not easy being on tour as is, but being by yourself is a whole other level. I actually knew a lot more of his songs then I thought I did! As he kept playing songs I was like, “Oh, shit I know this one too!”, songs like “SICK OF ME” (featuring Travis Barker) and “MESS” (featuring Kelin Quinn of Sleeping With Sirens).

GARZI’s ambition will definitely take him places, so keep your eye on him! 

Fame on Fire was amazing! I hadn’t heard of them before this show, but I’m a big fan of theirs now! This is why you come to shows early and watch every opening band, because you might just find a band that you really vibe with. If it wasn’t their music that got me intrigued, it was definitely their energy! Even though the stage was small, guitarist Blake Saul still found the room to do crazy jumps and spins. Fame on Fire played “Plastic Heart”, “It’s Okay” and closed out with “HEADSPACE”.

Zero 9:36 started their set at exactly 9:36pm, which I thought was so clever. This was Zero’s first-ever headlining tour, too! He opened his set with his latest single “I’m Not”. I’ve been so turned off by rap, just because I don’t really care for the modern take on it, but Zero has definitely changed my mind; he’s probably one of the best rappers I’ve heard in awhile and I love how he blends it with rock/metal. I had a super fan standing in front of me who was decked out in all Zero merch — she knew every single word to every song. I love when people aren’t worried about what the people around them are thinking and are just so absorbed in the music, living their best life watching their favorite band. He played my favorite Zero song, “The End”, before closing out with “Adrenaline.” 

We got to talk to Zero after the show: he is such a nice guy and was so humbled and appreciative of the people who came out to the show. He was saying how interesting it was, how he could sell out shows in different cities and then other shows, like this one, only have 40 or so people come out. He also gave us a little teaser of an upcoming tour that hadn’t been announced yet: Zero 9:36’s headlining tour has concluded, but you can catch him in a couple months with Three Days Grace and Wage War! Fame on Fire is also joining the Trinity of Terror Tour for a few shows and then will be joining Starset and RED on tour in just a couple months, as well.

Photography by Heather Vandemark; Recap by Kaiya Vandemark

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