Nature Coast Spring Camp Out: Day Two

Saturday April 17th found everyone stumbling out of tents, cabins and campers, eyes barely open after a long night of partying from Day One of Nature Coast Spring Camp Out at the Scooter Haven Country Club in Inglis, FL.

People start moving to the sounds of another epic party, beginning with DJ Rollin cranking up the tunes.

By the time everyone had breakfast, finished playing games and checking out all the great vendors around the grounds, it was time for Unified Mind to take the stage — a great band to start the day with. You can check out one of my favorite songs they just released on Spotify named “Driving”, featuring Kenny Mullins from Resinated. And, of course, since Kenny is the host of the event, he jumped onstage to perform the song with them!

The Dub Collectors were up next — a St. Petersburg band with a roots/dub style. You can check out their latest release “Misery” out on all major platforms. Next up was the Cloud9 Vibes from Jacksonville, Florida, always bringing tons of energy to the stage. Speaking of new releases, you further have to stream their new song, “Blue Sky’s Ahead”. Special guest Shaun Dubwise (from the band Dubwise) played bass for a few songs.

After Cloud9 Vibes, everyone sat back mesmerized, listening to the beautiful voice of Sierra Lane.

If you’ve never heard her voice, her song “Dive Deep” is all you need to become an instant fan. The next band from St. Petersburg got funky! Ajeva took the stage and put on a spectacular show, full of great jams. My favorite was “Funky Green Men”: almost a nine-minute song that will have you head-banging to solos!

Finally, after jamming all day long to awesome bands, headliner Seranation took the stage. For those unaware, the band is a blend of pop and reggae rock that they like to call “Tropical-Rock”. With tons of energy, lead singer J. Carter is known to do backflips onstage at almost every show, making their live performance one you definitely need to catch. The band was started by Adam Hocker and Bianca Schlosser, making the best guitarist and bass couple ever. Just as of recently, Adam’s brother Daniel Hocker joined the band as drummer and did an outstanding job. They just released two new songs, “This One’s On Me” and “It’s Alright”, with another one in the works! In all, the festival turned out to be an unforgettable weekend. Again, if you love reggae music and the outdoors, you need to be here! Lookout for the next Nature Coast event.

Photography by Brian “Porkchop” Nicholson

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