Nature Coast Spring Camp Out: Day One

On Friday, April 16th, people from all over Florida and further gathered for a camping music festival at the Scooter Haven Country Club in Inglis. People were rolling in all day, setting up campsites into the night, while the St. Petersburg Rastafari DJ Badda Skat blasted reggae music for all to hear.

As people entered, they were all given eco-friendly bamboo straws from Ocean Grade to raise awareness to plastic alternatives, a company that makes awesome products like sunglasses and even eco cutlery kits! There were tons of great vendors like Boltz on Board: another awesome company that takes broken skateboards and turns them into necklaces, rings and other fun products.

After Badda Skat on the turntables, The Joey Tenuto Band drew crowds in to get them ready for the Reggae Lou & The Kind Budz.

When the headliners took the stage, everyone continued this huge smoke sesh, with some fire reggae music. Go check out the song “Fire” just released on Spotify — Reggae Lou is definitely a band you need to watch out for! They also do a lot of stuff with Peter Dante (from Adam Sandler movies), who is not only a fan of reggae, but is making his own music, too! His latest release was “My Purple Tree & Me”, available now on Spotify, and also a new movie on 4/20, The Pizza Joint. He wasn’t able to make it to Florida to join Reggae Lou & The Kind Budz, but it didn’t stop them from putting on an awesome show, setting the mood for a weekend of camping, reggae music and good vibes.

This is the second event by Nature Coast; if you love reggae music and the outdoors, you definitely need to come check this event out! They had pre-set up tents and cabins or you could bring your own tents, RVs and travel trailers. It’s an all-out, all-weekend rager, camping with friends, family and reggae artists we love. Kenny Mullins (from Resinated) is the host of the event and Rob D (from Part One Tribe) put on a killer after party show in the clubhouse, carrying the party late into the night. The people were definitely ready for a full day of music and more partying Saturday, with more photos to come.

Photography by Brian “Porkchop” Nicholson

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