New Year’s Eve with The Hip Abduction

Everyone packed in and crowded the streets (and surrounding local bars) in downtown St. Petersburg, prepared to rock out all night long as the New Year’s Eve party began. At the center of it all, Jannus Live welcomed The Hip Abduction and Artikal Sound System, who threw a raging party with their amazing energy and music, making everyone dance the night away ready to ring in 2020.

Starting out the night was Artikal Sound System, playing and dancing on the stage to the point it was contagious — you couldn’t resist, but to join in with them. With the unique sounds from the lead singer Logan Rex and killer music from Chris Montague on guitar, Fabian Acuna (a.k.a. Boujee Banton on keys), Jayme Glusman (a.k.a. Daddy Dreadlocks on bass) and Adam Kampf (a.k.a. Junior Bong on the drums), they had the crowd singing and dancing along. They are so humble, it was so natural for them to spend time with their fans before and after their set. Later, Logan Rex returned to the stage with The Hip Abduction for a song. If you haven’t seen A.S.S., they put on a great show that you don’t want to miss it. Check them out this year!

The Hip Abduction put on an amazing show as they took turns with jaw-dropping solos that held your attention from start to finish.

Next up, was the hometown band The Hip Abduction. As they walked out onto stage, they had the fans going wild. A full six-piece band filled the stage with lead singer/guitarist David New, Chris Powers on bass, Dave Johnson on bari/tenor sax, Cody Moore on keys/sax, Justino Lee Walker on guitar and Matt Poynter on vocals/drums. Together, they make music that everyone loves and dances to no matter what. This crowd was of no exception; everyone was pumped up to bring in the New Year, full of amazing musicians that jammed the night away. The Hip Abduction put on an amazing show as they took turns with jaw-dropping solos that held your attention from start to finish.

As midnight approached, fans were given champagne and the band played on as bottles popped spraying the crowd. While the fans’ excitement grew for the approaching New Year, midnight hit and confetti filled the sky. As it poured over Jannus Live, the crowd jammed on into the New Year with friends, family and more music from The Hip Abduction. They are definitely a live show that you need to see in person. Check out their latest album To The Ends of The Earth released back in August 2019, for we can’t wait to have them back again!

Photography by Brian Nicholson

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