Nightmares on Wax at San Diego’s Music Box

It might’ve been a sleepy Wednesday night elsewhere, but The Music Box in San Diego had alternative plans on July 10th, 2019. Going past their usual midnight sound cap, the venue opened its doors to three deejays who spun trancy, funky tracks until the wee hours of the morning. The starting deejay played remixed bangers ranging several decades, notably from the 90s till now. Stepping in to relieve was deejay number two: the eclectic taste of DJ Eddie Turbo, whose set went from house to reggae to trance, repeat.

The green looping visual aids of Turbo’s lifted the energy of the place, pushing people to the dance floor much faster than before. Maybe that’s why they call him ‘Turbo’. Before Turbo took over, it seemed all attendees were shy, hiding out by the back bar instead of getting down to the music booming from the speakers. Not anymore.

After a significant amount of time at the helm, the man of the hour took centerstage, Mr. Nightmares on Wax himself. With smoke and lights billowing behind him, Nightmares of Wax turned the dance party up to a whole new level. Wednesday had turned into Thursday, but this packed house was riding it out to the very end. Friends were freaking in all directions; it was as if a teleportation had happened, planting the venue securely back in the era of loose inhibitions and wild social interpretations, otherwise known as the 70s. The throwback costumes of many present aided in this notion. Some were even rocking early 20s garb! Not a bad night at all.

Photography by Kristy Rose

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