Pitbull’s electric stage energy sells out St. Louis

Pitbull brought the party to a sold-out crowd at Hollywood Casino Amphitheater in St. Louis, Missouri. Joined by Iggy Azalea on the Can’t Stop Us Now Tour, the two pop sensations showed that they know how to put on a show.

It was a surprisingly young audience packed onto the lawn of the amphitheater as the show began. Iggy Azalea took the stage and put on a demonstration, showing that she and her backup dancers know how to entertain. Gracing fans with favorites such as her 2014 smash hit “Fancy”, the voices of 30k high school girls filled the stadium as they sang along enthusiastically to banger after banger.

Following Iggy was Mr. Worldwide himself, Pitbull.

Taking the stage in the middle of his troupe of backup dancers, Pitbull started the show with an energy and charisma that one would expect from such a world-renowned performer. Powering through his deep catalogue of hits like “Give Me Everything”, “I Know You Want Me” and “Timber”, Pitbull kept the crowd engaged and screaming out the lyrics throughout the entire show. Dazzling the crowd with not only his showmanship, Pitbull proved his massive amounts of coordination, choreography and production value that went into creating this show. Almost more energetic than Pitbull himself was his team of backup dancers. Perfectly synchronized and smiling from ear-to-ear, the dancing ladies did their best to steal the show.

Pitbull put on a stellar performance that proves his music will stand the test of time. Songs that are older than the majority of people in the crowd still received screams of adoration when the fans heard their opening notes. The voice of thousands of young ladies drowned out the mic, as they screamed lyrics that were written before they were even born, yet still knew by heart. This show proved to me more than anything else that some artists are able to transcend generations better than others and Pitbull might just be one of the best.

As the show reached its conclusion, the energy between the performer and the crowd continued to grow.

Pitbull showed no signs of tiring, as he continued dancing, jumping and spinning his way across the stage, performing banger after banger. Another notable aspect of the performance is how rarely Pitbull’s face didn’t have a smile on it. The man clearly loves what he does and he does it very well. Few people have been performing as long as Pitbull has and none of them seem to enjoy it as much, either. The Can’t Stop Me Now Tour continues across the U.S. this fall and is truly a can’t-miss event for lovers of Pitbull or high-energy pop shows in general. Be sure to catch a show when it makes a stop in a city near you!

Photography by Sean Rider

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