She Wants Revenge takes over Los Angeles for two nights

If there’s anyone that can bring the goths out in 100-degree heat, it’s She Wants Revenge. Ending their final dates of their west coast dates for their Disappear Tour, She Wants Revenge gave Los Angeles a special two-night performance, selling out The Fonda on both August 31st and September 1st. Reviving and reliving the youths of many in the crowd, the band began with “Red Flags” and “Long Nights” from their 2005 self-titled album.

Justin Warfield’s voice is absolutely breathtaking to hear in person.

His unique vocals made the world stop time, as he gave a performance that many will never forget. It was beautiful to see that Justin seemed genuinely happy to preform for the fans in Los Angeles. When the band came out for the encore, they played a total of five songs — an absolute pleasure to experience, since most bands play only two for an encore. They ended the show with “Tear You Apart” and I must say, there’s nothing like hearing that song live! Somehow, it sounds better than the studio version. I would love to see their performance again, which fans in the UK can get excited for, since their next set of dates will be in the UK until September 24th.

Photography by Omar Solis

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