Quinn XCII brings The People Choice Tour to smiling fans in St. Louis

It was a beautiful warm Tuesday evening, and the sun was setting behind the St. Louis Music Park and nearby Hollywood Casino as thousands of fans flocked in to see Quinn XCII perform on The People’s Champ Tour. Immediately after entering the venue I knew I was going to enjoy the crowd just as much as the music that night.

Smiles and laughter filled the air as the crowd shuffled into the semi-outdoor amphitheater, gathering their drinks and making their way to their positions in anticipation for the start of the show. 

Right on time, the first act of the night, Julia Wolf, took the stage. Equal parts smiling-sweetheart and angsty-goth-babe, Wolf had the audience in the palm of her hand in no time. What at first seemed like shyness or nerves ended up being a disarming charm that was really endearing. As her set progressed she took the crowd on a ride through waves of heartfelt songs that matched her vibe perfectly, alternating between hard and soft, her smile beaming out at the crowd in between hair flips. The musician from Queens’ music could best be described as landing somewhere between hip-hop and rock with a splash of pop and emo. Regardless of which box you try to put Julia Wolf in she’s sure to bring out the rebel in listeners of all shapes and sizes.

The second act of the night was an electro-pop band from New Jersey named A R I Z O N A. The group brought a markedly higher energy level, ramping up the excitement in the venue as they jammed across the stage. The band’s driving beats and bombastic stage presence meant for a fun dance party as the crowd went wild with the setting sun beaming through the gaps in the amphitheater behind them.

Finally the sun was down and it was time for the main act of the night, Quinn XCII (read Quinn 92). The singer-songwriter from Detroit walked on stage to the roar of the crowd and instantly started in on a marathon sing-a-long feature all of his popular songs. Many of these catchy tunes refer to entertaining romps that the singer has had with different nefarious women throughout his life.

From the very start of the show it was clear the Quinn was very focused on the crowd.

Pausing between songs to speak with different members of the crowd about their signs or things they were flashing to him on their phones screen, Quinn was truly a man of the people. Several times throughout the night he was his own worst critique as he gave himself a hard time for not being able to find the right words to address the crowd. I was refreshing to see an artist who didn’t take themselves too seriously on stage. At one point he admitted that he felt like music saved him in a similar way that it had saved members of the crowd. Speaking of the crowd, the audience at this show ended up being the highlight of the night for me. You couldn’t look in a direction in the venue without being faced with smiling faces and dancing bodies. Everyone looked truly happy to be there enjoying a beautiful Missouri night, while singing along to their favorite tunes. Everyone I talked to was extremely kind and made the night a pleasure to photograph. Whatever Quinn XCII is doing to attract such a lovely fan base should be studied by PR teams across the world!

All in all a Quinn XCII show is a blast and you shouldn’t miss it next time it’s in your neighborhood!

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