Cali Roots 2023: Day Two

On Day Two of the Cali Roots Festival 2023, the attendees returned to the Monterey Fairgrounds, eager for another day of music and festivities. The morning started off with a mix of relaxation and invigoration as people laid down blankets, enjoyed a cup of coffee from returning vendor NitroCycle831, and were serenaded by the rocking reggae tunes of The Skints on the Cali Roots Stage. Meanwhile, Surfer Girl took the stage at the Bowl, captivating the crowd with his high energy performance. All while, Santa Cruz band, Soulwise, delighted passersby with soothing melodies on the more intimate OG Stage.

As the day progressed, the festival maintained a true sense of community through art and entertainment with various performances by artists like Joe Samba, Lila Iké, Maoli, and Chali 2na & Cut Chemist. Cali Roots always manages to create an atmosphere that surpasses expectations, and the vibrant energy and good vibes were inescapable throughout the day. Throughout the entire weekend.

However, it was bands like The Interrupters, L.A.B., and Kyle Smith that truly stole the show this day. Respectively, each group brought a little bit of their unique edge to the Cali Roots festival, an edge not typically found in mainstream reggae. You have to love that about this festival. Genres are merging, morphing and Cali Roots is here to bring it all together. Each performance was nothing short of extraordinary. Not only did they deliver their signature music with passion and precision, but they also infused the set with individuality.

It’s not every day you see a group of reggae music lovers attempting to form a pit.

This vibe continued as legendary performance closed out the remainder of the day. Exuding boundless energy, infectious enthusiasm, and a charismatic stage presence, Cypress Hill did what they do best and left the crowd awestruck. Steel Pulse was right there with them ensuring fans at the Cali Roots stage felt that same spirit.

Fan favorite, Common Kings continued the reggae-rock trend, infusing their set with non-stop party vibes. They took the stage with playful antics that entertained the audience well into the evening before passing the torch to hip-hop veterans, Wu Tang Clan.

With Day Two concluded, anticipation grew for the upcoming Day Three, promising even more unforgettable moments and incredible performances. Cali Roots is undoubtedly a celebration community and of all types of music. Each day encompasses an indescribable atmosphere that makes this event truly special.

Photography by Sean McCracken and John Bender

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