RBL Posse performs StreetLow Car Show at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds

As I walked up to the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds in San Jose, I noticed a line longer than I anticipated. The line was to get into the StreetLow Car Show & Concert. With performances by Thee Midniters, Colombiana J., La Nueva Tendencia, Troublez, Southbaycuz and many more, I don’t blame people wanting to get out of the house and into the fairgrounds! Not forgetting the well-known RBL Posse, which was also the headliner of the night. I remember listening to them back in high school and college… whether it was cruising to school or my home, hanging out with friends or even at parties, they were always a favorite rap group to listen to. StreetLow Magazine ALWAYS has good shows and never disappoint, too. Attendees saw nothing but classic cars from the 1930s all the way to the 1970s.

Aside from the amazing classic cars, the concert was equally entertaining.

Never did I think I would be able to see RBL Posse in concert — especially photograph them! I was surprised at the talent of the many up-and-coming artists. Most of them were local artists although there was a small handful that came from out of town. Both the music and vibes were great. Although some of the artist performance times were cut short, no one disappointed. Colombiana J. sang one her fan-favorite songs “Trippin”, which has over 14K views on YouTube. Up next after her was K.Rose, along with her righthand man as a backup singer, who also did outstanding. After many artists performed, the anticipated RBL Posse finally came onstage. With a few warmup songs, the rap group finally played what the crowd wanted to hear — “Don’t Give Me No Bammer”, a fan-favorite even to this day.

Photography by Chris Mora

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