Rebels & Renegades 2023: Day One

The first day of the Rebels & Renegades music festival at the Monterey County Fair & Event Center in California was nothing short of a spectacular musical journey, marked by unforgettable performances and a vibrant atmosphere that left the crowd buzzing with excitement.

Those familiar with Good Vibez should know by now to expect nothing less.

As the sun graced the skies, the day kicked off with a thrilling air show featuring mesmerizing flyovers from a neighboring event. The roar of the aircraft above added an electrifying touch to the festival, setting the stage for a day filled with high-energy entertainment.

One of the festival’s unique features was the eclectic array of vendors, offering everything from vintage to modern western wear. Festival-goers had the opportunity to explore a diverse selection of merchandise, enhancing their festival experience.

The music began to flow as TK & The Holy Know-Nothings and Danno Simpson on respective stages. Reckless Kelly brought the heat with a performance that included all their hits. Their infectious energy and crowd-pleasing songs had the audience singing along and dancing without a care in the world.

Over on the Big Sur stage, Jaime Wyatt’s honky-tonk vibes created a mellow and captivating atmosphere that resonated with the audience. Her soulful tunes provided the perfect backdrop for festival-goers to relax and soak in the music.

Brent Cobb took to the Steelhead stage, delivering a performance that rocked the crowd to its core. His soulful melodies and electrifying stage presence set the bar high for the day’s musical acts.

Boy Named Banjo may have had a smaller crowd, but their passion and talent shone through as they played their hearts out.

The Molly Tuttle band, with six members, including three talented female musicians, took the stage by storm. The fiddle and stand-up bass players left the audience in awe with their skillful performances. By 4 o’clock, the crowd had finally packed in, eager to experience the musical magic unfolding before them.

The Big Sur stage came alive when The Steel Woods took their turn, despite some initial sound problems. The crowd’s anticipation was palpable, and as the band found their rhythm, the stage area filled to capacity. The crowd’s enthusiasm and energy were infectious.

Morgan Wade graced the stage with perfection, playing songs from her new album “Psychopath.” Her hauntingly beautiful lyrics and melodies resonated with the audience, leaving an indelible mark on their hearts.

As the sun began to set, Old Crow Medicine took the Steelhead stage. The crowd had swelled, and the band brought the night to life with their signature sound. Their cover of Jerry Lee Lewis’s “Great Balls of Fire” ignited the crowd even further, turning the festival grounds into a sea of dancing and singing fans.

Flatland Calvary had the entire crowd singing in harmony, creating a sense of unity and camaraderie among festival-goers.

The headlining act of the evening, Turnpike Troubadours, took the stage with the house packed to the brim. Excitement filled the air as the band played a mix of old favorites and new hits.

The crowd shouted out the lyrics, stomping and dancing in unison, celebrating the long-awaited return of the band after a hiatus.

The first day of the Rebels & Renegades music festival was a true testament to the power of live music and the joy it brings to people from all walks of life. It was a day filled with unforgettable moments and a promise of more to come. Check back in for day two!

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