Rebelution performs at Berkley’s historic Greek Theatre

Rebelution… wow, what a night at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley, California! It is an amazing venue and Top Shelf Music was so happy to cover this show on August “Friday the 13th”, 2021 Before a recap, we want to appreciate the amazing William Randolph Hearst Greek Theatre. This is the longest running outdoor amphitheater in the country, which opened on September 24th, 1903. This amphitheater is very similar to Red Rocks in Denver, Colorado: all of the general admission and VIP seats are flat and rocky. There are also old seats with back supports that make you feel like you are in medieval times. Then, at the top, there are grassy fields to lay on, with an amazing view of the stage.

You couldn’t go wrong with your seat, because any seat had a great view!

Keznamdi opened up the show, with a great band of players. They got the crowd excited and ready for Rebelution. There was a neon lighted Keznamdi sign in the front of the stage, scrawled out in Jamaican colors. In the middle of the show, he said he loves the Bay Area and Berkeley, because he lived in Berkeley for a couple of years. He used to take the train around the area. They played their hits “As Crazy As It Is”, “City Lock” and “Victory”!

Kabaka Pyramid was also an amazing act! One of the first things that stood out was one of the tour members waving the Jamaican flag; this happened the entire set! Throughout the show, Kabaka Pyramid got the crowd involved by getting them to raise their hands and move left to right, back and forth. Him and his band also got the crowd involved vocally with an, “I say ‘Rebe’, you say ‘-lution’!” Rebelution! Rebelution! Kabaka played his hits “Same Prayer,” “Believe” and “Nice Up The Dance”. In the middle of the show, Keznamdi came back out onstage to sing a song with Kabaka Pyramid. They asked the crowd where they’re from. First, they asked “San Francisco” to a few cheers. Next was “Oakland”; the cheers were louder. They finished with “Berkeley” and the crowd went nuts.

DJ Mackle did his thing before Rebelution came out to end the night. The lights went off as Rebelution walked onstage and the crowd went nuts. The band started off with “Sky Is The Limit.” The lighting for their set was perfect: they had lasers and different colors onstage throughout the show’s entirety. It was a perfect blend, considering the old rocks around and the vibe of the Greek Theatre. Originally from San Francisco, Eric Rachmany said to the crowd he loves the Bay Area and he was happy to be back. Throughout the show, they had different solo features, highlighting guitar, trumpet and saxophone. It was very impressive and fun to watch! When Rebelution started playing the opening guitar riff to “Feeling Alright”, the crowd went crazy once again. Eric welcomed this and the crowd screamed for 20 seconds before he continued playing. Just like Keznamdi came out onstage with Kabaka Pyramid, they did the same with Rebelution. All the hits were played, including “Safe and Sound”, “Count Me In”, “Lazy Afternoon” and “Inhale Exhale”. The fans were amazing, because they sang every song by heart! All in all, it was a beautiful night and we can’t wait to cover another show at the historic Greek Theatre!

Photography by Arik Ruiz

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