Rebel Shakedown & Roots of Mine share the stage at Sealegs

On August 8th, Roots of Mine and Rebel Shakedown played at Huntington’s Sealegs at the Beach. It was a nice warm sunny day at the beach: the perfect day to get out and have a drink, burn one and hang out with friends.

Roots of Mine came out first and killed it with the amazing energy they have. It was fun listening to both new and old tunes!

Next up was Rebel Shakedown, who were a lot of fun and kept the party going. They were joined onstage for a song by Riley Grey from Rilen’Out, as well as a couple songs with John and Dan from Roots of Mine and Chase Judkins from Undisclosed. Overall, it was a great day and I can’t wait to do it again next time!

Photography by Sean McCracken

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