Rocksteady Campout 2023: Day One

As the days grew shorter and the nights a touch crisper, the Rocksteady Adventures Campout, marked the perfect farewell to another beautiful summer.

Nestled in the heart of gold country, this event promised an unforgettable experience that combined soulful music, the warmth of community, the breathtaking scenery of the California foothills and oak trees.

The campout took place in the golden, rolling hills of Farmington, California, a hidden gem where nature’s beauty flourished. Attendees were welcomed by a scenic drive in, a serene lake, warm smiles and the promise of a memorable weekend.

With summer coming to a close, this campout aimed to make the most of the fading warmth and long days.

The first night of the event was graced by arriving friends, family, new acquaintances, the local talent of PTown Posse and Dub Souljah. Southern California’s rapidly rising star, Aaron Wolf, serenaded the gathering with an intimate solo acoustic performance, rounded out the day one lineup.

As the final summer sun dipped below the horizon, Aaron’s heartfelt lyrics and melodic guitar chords resonated through the campgrounds, creating a magical ambiance. His music seemed to connect with the very soul of the place, while attendees swayed to the rhythm under the starry canopy and sat around the two campfires near the stage. This really is the place for “My People” to come together, in a “backyard/ concert campout” kinda way!

Following Aaron’s soul-stirring performance, the attendees gathered by the lakeside for a gratitude bonfire. Flames danced in the cool evening air, casting warm, flickering light on the faces of friends old and new. Stories were shared, marshmallows roasted, and the drum circle echoed across the lake. It was a night of camaraderie, a night to remember as summer’s end drew nearer.

As the clock struck midnight, we gave thanks for what was and what is still to come with the changing seasons.

We surely wouldn’t have long to wait, considering night one, of the two day event just faded with the last of summer!

As the calendar turned over to the first day of fall, the campout was far from over. There were rubber ducks hidden around the property by The Rubber Ducky Crew, who many may have heard about, within the California festival scene. The ducks are always a pleasant reminder that “you matter”, in an aim to uplift those facing tough times mentally. Also, between the swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding, corn hole, birdwatching, or napping, a treasure hunt was held.

It was a big hit for the kids, big and small!

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Jeanne Mitchell
9 months ago

We love Rocksteady Adventures and John and Trina! Make your way there for some magical times.