Roger Waters gets under LA’s skin

After all that was happening in the entertainment industry over the last couple years, we are finally able to attend all the postponed shows that got pushed back by COVID.

There is a special feeling when you hold your tickets for almost three years and the day finally arrives.

To see not just a band you really like, but a legend himself. The last time Roger Waters was in the US was for his Us + Them Tour back in 2017. And, after all these years, he still has the same energy and enthusiasm. He had two shows in Los Angeles at the Arena on the 27th and 28th of September, 2022.

Roger Waters is one of those musicians who not only pleases their fans with old hits, but also stays in conversation with his audience. He has always been known for being passionate and willing to write about the world we live in. And, to bring those words to life as concept albums and performances. Waters was one of the first back in the day to show us that music is an experience, not just lyrics and melody. He still knows how to astonish his audience. When you go to his show, you expect to see what you see, but every time, you are still surprised. You leave with tears in your eyes.

The new show is a 2.5 hour performance. The first part consisted of Waters talking about Pink Floyd, Syd Barrett and his solo songs. The second part of the show went to the next level. You can’t even call this a concert, because what you see is a full-scale multimedia experience. It goes under your skin, even if you’re not actually on the same page with the politics part. That doesn’t matter, because the purpose of a real art performance like that is to get acquainted with yourself, not with the artist. What you bring back home from this show is your own experience.

Roger Waters is an artist who, being 79 years old, is still passionate like a young man. He knows why he’s onstage and what he wants to say. He still has a lot to say, not only about his past, but about the present, too. When you see him, you feel he’s enjoying every second of his show, his band and his conversation with the audience.

His whole heart was in this show.

And, I hope to see him again sometime soon!

Photography by Julia Kovaleva

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