The Beaches wins hearts in Washington D.C.

I was recently introduced to this outstanding Canadian girl band called The Beaches. They are currently on tour with Hotel Fiction. It was my first time at Pearl Street and it instantly became one of my favorite local venues. Its rustic aesthetic and outdoor bar are some of my favorite things about it. Both bands were incredible live; they captured the crowd’s attention and held it.

Hotel Fiction opened the show up.

And, The Beaches closed out the show. Their energy on the stage really got the crowd moving and singing along. They even played their latest single, “My People”. It was great to see them kill it onstage. One of my favorite songs by them is “Grow up Tomorrow”… in my opinion, I think it is even better live. I loved their sound. They are like The Runaways, but with a very pop feel. The Beaches, named after the town in Toronto that they hail from, showed D.C. what a girl band can really do.

Jordan Miller’s vocals were everything.

Their charisma made every dance and sing along to “My People”. It was phenomenal to see a crowd of a variety of age groups enjoying the show. Hotel Fiction and The Beaches are worth going to see on tour. They’re next to stop in Chicago, so make sure you do not miss them!

Photography by Shanelle Jacobs

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