Sacramento has electrifying night with Rauw Alejandro

Rauw Alejandro took the stage at the Golden One Center in Sacramento, CA on his world tour promoting his latest album Saturno, which was released in November. The concert drew in over 10,000 fans, all eagerly anticipating the mix of reggaeton and pop that Rauw Alejandro has become known for.

The show was an electrifying and unforgettable experience that left fans on a high long after the final beat had faded.

Before we talk about the show, let’s describe the fans in the vibe outside the arena. There were many people selling merchandise with Saturno World Tour shirts. The fans dressed to impress with the girls wearing dresses and tight jeans while the guys were wearing Alejandro’s fashion including Marlowe sunglasses, leather boots, tank tops and costumes that look like power rangers. Everyone was very excited, taking pictures with friends and family in front of the Rauw signs. 

At 9:15 pm, the lights turned off and the crowd went nuts. Smoke came from the bottom of the stage and dancers started to appear, then came Alejandro. He was wearing a black and white jacket, silver pants and goggles that reminded us from the movie Spy Kids. It was a very unique and amazing outfit. 

The stage design was also impressive, not only featuring the massive rotative LED screen, but the array of lights, pyrotechnics, and fire added made it a visual experience.

One of the highlights was when Alejandro performed “Besos,” a track he made with his fiancé Rosalía. The massive rotating LED screen played videos of them enjoying life as he was singing. A few songs later, up and coming Reggaeton artist Chris Palace, came out on stage to perform “Gatas.” It was a cool moment when Alejandro gave Palace the stage to perform one of his own songs. There was much respect between the two. 

Alejandro took time between songs to interact with the audience, expressing his gratitude for their support and sharing personal stories and insights about his music. 

The female fans even through panties on the stage to show him the love. It was clear that he has a deep connection with his Sacramento fans, and that connection only grew stronger throughout the night because the crowd kept singing all the lyrics. 

At 10:30 pm, hip hop dance crew Jabbawockeez came out on stage to dance and engage with the crowd. After their performance, Alejandro came back on stage and continued to sing hit after hit including fan favorite “Todo De Ti.” The setlist was a perfect blend of old and new hits, showcasing Alejandro’s evolution as an artist while still honoring his Puerto Rican roots.

Overall, Rauw Alejandro’s concert at the Golden One Center in Sacramento was a truly unforgettable experience. His energy, talent, and connection with the audience, along with the choreography, lights, and fire, made for one hell of a show. For fans of reggaeton and pop music, this was a night that will not be forgotten anytime soon. We can’t wait until he visits Sacramento again!

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