Tennis takes hold of San Diego’s Humphrey’s By the Bay

A beautiful albeit slightly chill spring evening was hosted by mellow alternative pop sensation Tennis, with support from Canadian opening band Loving. Upon entrance to Humphrey’s, it was quickly apparent that this was ‘date night’, with couples casually swaying in the grassy gathering area or lining the sidewalk to the merch booth with libation in hand. At 7:30pm sharp, Loving took the stage with soft grace and a style reminiscent of an altered Mac DeMarco — especially with the same surf-y psychedelic guitar sound. Loving lived up to their name, making the crowd chant “three more songs!!” when the members announced their opening slot was coming to a close.

Laughing, they met the audience in the middle with another two.

Once set-change was in full effect and the lights came on for a brief interlude, it was fascinating how the venue had filled up so fast! This was a sold-out show, which didn’t surprise me in the least. Tennis, being a husband-and-wife duo with two touring members, hold the hearts of dream pop lovers far and wide; their latest album Pollen being the catalyst for this new tour. Taking the stage to thunderous, almost raucous applause, Tennis eased into their set with diehard fans screaming from the front row. Hardly a minute went by without someone shouting “WE LOVE YOU!!”, to which lead singer Alaina Moore answered with appreciative smiles. Colors swirled around the quartet, enveloping the audience in so much more than the music they came to hear — it was an experience.

After a few songs, including new releases alongside “Ladies Don’t Play Guitar” off 2017’s Yours Conditionally, Moore announced to the crowd that their new album Pollen is now being promoted in the peak of “pollen season”, resulting in chanteuse being prescribed a steroid to even perform that night. “A side effect of steroids is heightened sexuality”, said Moore into the microphone, “and we’re getting sexy tonight!” Such a true statement. Tennis, you are truly a gem in this world.

Photography by Kristy Rose

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