Saltwater Hippie presents: Seranation at Jannus Live

It’s September 18th and the first time our local band Seranation gets to headline Jannus Live! Can you imagine going to an iconic venue since you were a kid, watching your favorite bands play, then, one day, starting your own band and headlining that same venue? Well, that’s how Seranation felt on Saturday at the show presented by Saltwater Hippie and the happy feelings were spread all around, all in full support of local music gone big.

The band brought along with them Sierra Lane and Joe Sambo to join this epic night. 

Sierra Lane is another band originally from Florida and lead singer Sierra Fitzhugh is someone to watch out for! Sierra is getting more comfortable and making a stronger presence onstage with every show. Not only that, but she is also a beautiful woman who can jam on the guitar and sing sweet serenades that send chills down your neck. Check them out and look for her when you come to Florida — you won’t regret it! Joe Sambo was next up, originally from New Hampshire, but now found in the Florida Keys. He came out strong, getting the crowd hyped up with his songs. Sambo had a lot of the fans singing and dancing with his song “Create Something” — a positive song, telling people to create what makes them happy. Joe Sambo and his players are, for sure, another one to look for when in Florida.

Drew Garabo and John Sinning from “102.5 The Bone”, our local FM radio show, came out onstage, hyping up the crowd as they announced Seranation. The crowd was already loud for the last two bands; I didn’t think they could get any louder till the moment those two came out onstage. It was a packed house: a sold-out show, full of Seranation fans from near and far, all singing and dancing all the way up in the balconies. This is an amazing band with immense energy that you must experience and feel the vibrations for yourself — not just from the band, but from the fans, as well. When you come to Florida, you can find the boys at the Saltwater Hippie beach bar; the band is always up to something, whether performing local shows or jumping on their beautifully-wrapped tour bus to travel around the country. The band consists of J. Carter (lead singer), Adam Hocker (guitar/backup vocals), Bianca Schlosser (bass/back-up vocals) and Adam’s brother Dan Hocker on drums.

Most shows, J. Carter will do backflips during their performance and, on some occasions, he brings his surfboard and this was one of those times. During the last song, “What Up”, J. jumped off the almost six-foot-tall stage, holding his surfboard over everyone’s heads. He jumped on top of the board, literally crowd-surfing while he sang while the crowd carried him around the venue. As the song came to an end and he was almost back to the stage, he topped it off with a backflip off the surfboard over people’s heads, landing it perfectly in the crowd. At that point, people were blown away and thought the night couldn’t be topped off until Adam took a knee in front of Bianca and proposed onstage. Everyone went completely wild cheering in excitement. It was another epic night at the famous Jannus Live! Check all these bands out and we will surely see you at the next one. 

Photography by Brian “Porkchop” Nicholson

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