Sammy Johnson wows fans in Sacramento, California

“Sammy! Sammy! Sammy!” The completely packed house at Ace of Spades in Sacramento, CA chanted, as they eagerly awaited Sammy Johnson to take the stage. It was one day short of a year since Sammy played last year at Goldfield Roseville and Sacramento was ready to hear his intoxicating voice once again!

Looking around the venue, everyone was so happy!

As I approached the stage to get my camera settings ready, a sweet mom and daughter asked me to take their picture. “My mom is my BEST friend!” The daughter exclaimed. I told them that my daughter was just a few feet behind them, too, and we chatted a little about our daughters and our shared love for Sammy. One of my favorite things about photographing concerts is the awesome people like that that I get to meet.

I was so excited to see Sammy J again. I know and love every single song… and the same can be said for the entire audience who was singing along to every beautiful song. A few songs in, Sammy said, “Wow, I haven’t had an audience like this in a long time!”

He truly has some amazing, adoring fans in Sacramento.

One young fan was lucky enough to hand Sammy a gift during the show, a lei, to which Sammy exclaimed was so beautiful and that he’d like to see the young man backstage after the show. I watched that young man go backstage after the show and he came back out jumping up and down with the biggest smile on his face.

In addition to singing his original material, Sammy sang one of the most beloved R&B songs in history, “Can We Talk”, which, of course, the crowd went crazy for! I think I can speak for everyone that we could have listened to Sammy all night; he is just such an amazing singer and performer. Thank you, Sammy, for coming back to Sacramento — we love you!!!

The setlist:

  1. Give Me All
  2. Wishing
  3. I’m the One
  4. Fall in Love
  5. Cool and Easy
  6. For Your Love
  7. You Are
  8. Sleepwalker
  9. Don’t Say Goodbye
  10. Can We Talk (Tevin Campbell cover)
  11. Hey

Photography by Sara Taylor

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