The Mysterines send fans ‘Reeling’ at Brooklyn Bowl in Nashville

It’s been nearly eight years since the inception of what would now be one of the hottest rock bands in the world, The Mysterines. Formed during their formative teenage years, Lia Metcalfe, George Favager, and Callum Thompson stumbled upon that perfect mixture of musical ingredients that so many seem to strive for, yet rarely attain. The sultry and brooding vocals of Lia Metcalf combined with hard-driving rock rhythms blend perfectly together to form a sound that is as unique as it is infectious.

In just a short amount of time, the young British rock band have found themselves touring with the likes of Royal Blood, The Arctic Monkeys, and AWOLNATION. The band’s latest album — The Reeling, peaking at number nine on the UK charts — makes it crystal clear to anyone who has listened that this band is here to stay. 

When The Mysterines took the stage at Nashville’s Brooklyn Bowl, the shriek from the crowd of girls behind me felt like a jet engine throttling up.

In all my show experience, I have never heard a noise from the crowd quite like that. It resembled the wave of sound often heard when Elvis Presley or The Beatles performed in front of excited teenagers. I even heard one excited fan yell “You are my Queen!” and Lia cracked a smile before she strummed the first note of “Reeling”. Their sound was precise and perfect, and the stage presence and musicianship left me wondering if they were truly as young as records indicate. Some of my personal highlights from the show came in the form of songs like “Hung Up” and “Life’s a Bitch (But I Like it So Much)”, and I truly wished they were allowed to play for an additional hour. My only complaint from the entire night was that their merch person never seemed to be around when I wanted to buy a shirt. I left the show resigned to purchasing online. Otherwise, it was an incredible performance from a truly gifted group of musicians! For more on The Mysterines be sure to check out their website!

Photography by Derek Jones

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