Santana gets Tampa grooving, with Earth, Wind & Fire

On Saturday, Aug 27th, the Mid Florida Credit Union Amphitheater was sold out with around 20,000 people excited to see some GRAMMY Award-winning legends. The afternoon Florida summer rain was right on schedule, pouring down right before the show, but stopping within the hour to only delay the show for a short time. It cleared up with a beautiful rainbow and a cool breeze as gates opened and everyone made their way in. It was finally time for the Miraculous Supernatural Tour and we were ready to go on a journey. 

Earth, Wind & Fire took us back to whence they began, rolling each song together beautifully with showmanship from beginning to end.

Everyone was out of their seats, singing and dancing. The band came out in the same style as they always have, with matching sparkly outfits and the same choreography moves — playing all the hits. It was simply amazing, with one of the OG Ralph Johnson, aka Slick on drums/percussion and vocals. Verdine White, another OG and the energy of the band, kept the funky bass lines going while dancing, kicking and jumping all over the stage. The one they call “The Voice”… just like a fine red wine, it just keeps getting better and better and better, Philip Bailey is the third OG, hitting notes that will leave your jaw dropped. These Earth, Wind & Fire guys are 71 years young and still rocking stages everywhere they go, putting on an unforgettable show that you won’t want to miss. 

The Santana band came out shredding their instruments and melting faces. This entire band is mind-blowingly talented; as they were jamming, they would break off into incredible solos that seemed like it would never end, leaving you speechless. All you could do is scream and whistle for more. Carlos Santana turned to face his wife at one point, Cindy Blackman, while she hammered the drums and he about lit his guitar on fire as they played solos together. It’s like this guy was born with a guitar — playing for 75 years now. Everyone from old fans to new danced all night long. It was a Miraculous Supernatural Tour that everyone will never forget. 

Photography by Brian “Porkchop” Nicholson

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