Shinedown shakes Grand Sierra Resort in Reno, NV

Wow! What a show in Reno, Nevada! Shinedown and Ayron Jones put on a performance we will not forget in 2022. Let’s recap this show.

At the beautiful Grand Sierra Resort in Reno, fans were lining up at the sold-out show. As you walked in, to the left there was a long line of fans waiting patiently for their merchandise. On the right side was a huge bar with an even bigger line. Everyone was getting their drink on before the show. As you entered the venue, you could see the beautiful detail. There were plenty of seats in the middle, a large pit in the front for the general admission and balconies on the sides for VIP.

This venue seats 1800 and every seat was filled for these two amazing artists!

As Ayron Jones and his crew took the stage, the fans went nuts. Bass player Bob Lovelace
looked at the crowd and smiled. As Aaron Jones walked onstage, the band immediately started jammin’ and the crowd was rockin’. They started off with “Boys From the Puget Sound”; everyone in the pit was knifing their heads and some fans stood up in the back clapping and dancing. In the middle of their set, Bobby Jimmu had a solo performance. As they played their songs, Bobby played his beat matching the song perfectly. A couple songs later, Ayron grabbed a guitar stick and started playing his guitar with it. It was pretty badass, because he was using his left hand to play everything. During “Mercy”, all four members onstage were jamming out — it was beautiful to watch. Ayron Jones, guitarist Matthew Jacquette, Bob and Bobby were all in… it seemed like they were just playing for three minutes straight! The fans were roaring, screaming and pretending to play guitar with their hands. 

Ayron Jones finished his set with fan-favorite “Take Me Away”, where Ayron and Matthew looked like they were having a guitar duel. Aaron played his guitar on his knees as Matthew stood in front of him and jammed out like it’s the last day on earth. 

As Shinedown came out, The Alan Parsons Project hit “Sirius” came on (also known as the Chicago Bulls introduction song) and people were hyped!

When each Shinedown member walk onstage, the crowd roared. 

Shinedown started off with “Cut the Cord” and the crowd went nuts. Before playing fan-favorite “45”,  lead singer Brent Smith asked the audience if they brought their singing voices tonight. During “45”, Smith pointed the microphone to the crowd and they sang all the lyrics with him. It was amazing to watch. Towards the end of “45”, all members on the stage surrounded drummer Barry Kerch before jamming out as if they were in a recording studio. It’s very fun watching these artists performing with such passion and enthusiasm. Before Shinedown played “Enemy”, Smith asked the audience to all stand up. He then asked them to dance and jump up and down as hard as they could. When they started playing “Enemies”, the crowd once again went nuts and jumped up and down like at a giant rave. 

The background onstage was very interesting, because they had lines of neon lights changing colors and, sometimes, it looks like they were floating in the air. When Shinedown played “Devil”, the background changed and it look like there were zombies scratching a window. The video was in black-and-white, but it was very captivating and fit well with the song.

When Shinedown finished “Second Chance”, the crowd roared and yelled “one more song”! There is always an encore. One minute later, Smith and guitarist Zach Myers walked back onstage with an acoustic guitar. As soon as Zach started playing “Simple Man”, the crowd went nuts with screams of “yes”! Smith sang “Simple Man” beautifully along with the crowd. Shinedown finished off the night with “Sound of Madness” –an epic song to finish an epic night! As fans left the venue, they had huge smiles on their faces. It was such a badass show and we were so happy to be there. Till next time, we salute you Ayron Jones and Shinedown!

Photography by Arik Ruiz

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