Cali Vibes Fest 2022: Day One

On Friday, February 4th, Day One of Cali Vibes Festival kicked off on a warm sunny day. It was the perfect weather to welcome all the out of town fans coming in for this massive festival. You could feel the anticipation in the air as people were walking past all the vendors, talking about which acts they were going to be able to make.

With all the bands, merch and food vendors there was something for everyone at Cali Vibes.

There were some great clothing companies, like Razafari Apparel and Uplift Apparel, as well as the Weedmaps expansive village, with a dispensary onsite that would deliver orders to the door! One of my personal favorites was the One Drop Botanics booth that had so many great CBD products; they definitely helped me get through the fest! For food, the festival offered so many booths and trucks that it was hard to make a choice. Personally, I really liked the burgers from Monty‚Äôs — a plant-based burger company.  

For the music, every band that played brought the heat and gave some amazing performances. There were so many acts that it was impossible to make them all! Bikini Trill started the day off hot before fan favorite Kyle Smith on the big stage. Next up came Ries Brothers, Vana Liya and Arise Roots. Tomorrow Bad Seeds performed after that and had amazing live painter Jimmy Ovadia up at the front, dancing and painting. Then came amazing artists like Anuhea, Mike Love, The Green and The Movement. Jamaican GRAMMY Award-winning artist Koffee came out after that; I hadn’t heard her before and I was really impressed! The night closed out with Sean Paul, SOJA, Iration, Don Carlos, Tunnel Vision and an amazing light show by headliners Rebelution. Overall, it was an amazing start to an amazing festival! Keep your eye out for Day Two and Three photo galleries coming soon.

Photography by Sean McCracken

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