Silverstein celebrates decade of ‘This is How the Wind Shifts’ in Detroit

Silverstein truly elevated their performance for the ten-year anniversary tour of This is How the Wind Shifts.

All three bands delivered exceptional performances, infusing the entire night with an incredible amount of energy.

The show kicked off with Avoid, and the band maintained an impressive level of energy throughout their entire set. Guitarist, Nick Olsen, continuously spun, and lead singer Benny Scholl practically sprinted across the stage, constantly engaging with the crowd. Scholl’s dynamic stage presence was evident as he interacted with the audience, and at two points during the show, he even ventured into crowd surfing. The Detroit audience’s enthusiastic response earned them the title of the best crowd of the tour, a commendation reiterated multiple times throughout the set. Way to keep up the hype, Detroit fans!

The second band, Stray From the Path, was a revelation for me, as I had never seen them live before. They were a joy to watch, and Andrew Dijorio, much like Scholl, exuded boundless energy. Described by some as a more aggressive version of Rage Against the Machine, Stray From the Path fearlessly incorporated their political views into their music and actions off-stage, aligning their beliefs with their art.

Last but certainly not least, Silverstein took the stage, focusing their set on the ten-year celebration of their seventh studio album This is How the Wind Shifts. Songs like “Massachusetts,” “To Live and To Lose,” and “California” were featured from that album. Notably, they played “Arrivals,” a track that had never been performed live and likely won’t again. Adding a unique touch, Silverstein varied their setlist each night, utilizing a website where fans could vote on songs. The highest-voted tracks, “Smashed Into Pieces” and “Your Sword Versus My Dagger,” became part of the setlist, creating a more personalized experience for the audience and showcasing the band’s readiness for the unexpected.

Towards the end of the set, Silverstein paid a touching tribute to Linkin Park by covering “One Step Closer.” This heartfelt gesture honored both the band and it’s late frontman, Chester Bennington. However, the surprises didn’t end there. After “My Heroine,” the band left the stage, and the lights dimmed. The crowd’s chants of “One more song! One more song!” were met with lead singer, Shane Told, asking if they wanted four more songs. To everyone’s disbelief, four additional songs were played, concluding the night with an impressive total of 24 songs – the longest set I’ve personally ever witnessed.

The band’s commitment to delivering an unforgettable experience made this anniversary tour truly exceptional.

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