Dogstar with Keanu Reeves plays Nashville after two decades disbanded

After 20 years of no new music or performances, Dogstar hit the road for their Between the Power Lines and Palm Trees 2023 cross-country tour. The rockers stopped in Nashville for two back-to-back headlining shows and fans were sure to arrive early on Night One.

The headlining trio — composed of Bret Domrose on lead vocals and guitar, Keanu Reeves on bass, and Robert Mailhouse on drums — formed in the early 90s.

Dogstar saw its fair share of world touring before ultimately separating following the turn of the century and their second album release, Happy Ending. Reuniting during the COVID-19 pandemic led to Dogstar’s third album, Somewhere Between the Power Lines and Palm Trees, with the three-piece taking the stage together for the first time in decades in May 2023 at BottleRock Festival.

The indie-rock band who opened for Dogstar was a perfect pairing for the alt-rock headliner. Archer Oh offered a string of stellar song performances to the crowded venue at Nashville’s Brooklyn Bowl, providing a steady stream of jams to prep the audience for the rest of the much-anticipated evening.

By the time the clock struck 9pm, the audience was ready to swoon.

Nearly every person in the room was privy to who was about to grace stage left — none other than Keanu Reeves. The iconic actor maintained a relatively low profile, with only a few hair flips, focusing more on his bass than his stage presence. However, Reeves let his smiley personality loose by the multi-song encore.

Dogstar granted the crowd a setlist that was heavy with songs fresh off the band’s most recent album. There was something special about witnessing a band unify after two decades apart and play together seamlessly, as if it had been only a two-day hiatus. The bond among the bandmates shined brightly over the Nashville crowd, leaving an indelible mark on all who attended. With the 2023 tour in the books, Dogstar now plans to head overseas for a few music festivals.

Photography by Stephanie Swart

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