Sir Chloe shifts venues in St. Louis to accommodate mass ticket sales

Sir Chloe played a show recently at Delmar Hall in St. Louis’ Loop neighborhood that proved to be a packed house of extremely energetic fans. The show was previously slated to take place at the Duck Room at Blueberry Hill, but had been moved across the street to Delmar Hall, a bigger room, in order to accommodate how many tickets had been sold.

And it was a good thing they did.

Even Delmar Hall felt packed that night; the band could have easily moved up to a full theater and it still would have felt cozy with your neighbor. The crowd, which skewed ephebic, was a testament to the band’s ability to resonate with the complexities of their young audience’s lives… most likely a result of their rise to popularity through social media platforms such as TikTok.

The evening started off with Daffo, an opening act whose vivacity set a spirited tone. Their performance was a lively and smile-filled show, serving the crowd well for the following act.

As Sir Chloe took the stage, the room’s energy shifted. The audience immediately came together, singing along to the band’s anthems word-for-word. Yet between these bursts of communal singing, a hush often settled over the crowd, reflecting on the introspective nature of the music, as well as the incredible stage presence demonstrated by the band.

Lead vocalist Dana Foote stood as the emotional epicenter of the night. The delivery was raw and seemed to pour out of her as the show shifted between moments of tenderness and aggressive outbursts of emotion.

The band’s performance was a delicate dance between strength and vulnerability.

What set this concert apart was the palpable connection between the band and their audience; this was also very evident in the way Sir Chloe’s fan base has reacted so sweetly to the above photos from the show. Their support has been very humbling and you can tell that they support their band in every way they can.

There seems to be a never-ending stream of bands materializing from the ether, lifted to notoriety from the massive content engines that everyone spends all day looking at on their phones. Social media has made it easier than ever before for burgeoning musicians to cultivate an audience, especially among young listeners. You would think in a world where there are more things competing for your attention than ever, that these bands would be a dime a dozen or only able to enjoy their popularity for a brief period before it’s over… before audiences are onto the next big thing. However, I have found this to NOT be the case. It never ceases to amaze me how dedicated and passionate these TikTok bands’ fan bases are. Listeners show up in droves, wait in line for hours, pack out medium-sized rooms, and sell out merch constantly for bands that many less-online people may have never even heard of. 

Sir Chloe was one of those bands. Their fan base obviously cares about them a lot. So thank you Sir Chloe for the great show and the continued support for the photos!

Photography by Sean Rider

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