SMKFLWR presents a HIRIE & friends fashion show

SMKFLWR, a surf-inspired California clothing and lifestyle brand with a habit of giving back, has grown to be a staple name at reggae rock festivals around the nation. Naturally, teaming up with a well-known reggae rock band like HIRIE to do a limited edition clothing line would be a profitable endeavor! With HIRIE’s fashion-forward persona and celebrity influence, SMKFLWR was proud to present the launch of their HIRIE line on February 1st at Huntington Beach’s Pásea Hotel — with five live musical performances in between cat walks!

Walking into the Pásea, it was like walking into a hand-picked music industry reunion. No one was a stranger; hugs were given out every few seconds. SMKFLWR was handing out rubber branded bracelets to enter the event in a hall next to larger ice sculptures displaying each performing band’s name. Audic Empire, Kash’d Out, Tunnel Vision, Through The Roots and HIRIE — all with matching ice sculptures! Couches were positioned so attendees can comfortably take in the clothing and the bands, with Audic Empire up first against a sunset sky. Drinks were flowing heavily by the time Kash’d Out got onstage, with viewers on hotel balconies cheering them on. Amidst the madness downstairs, members of Iration and Pepper were milling about, talking to Surf Roots radio and posing for pictures. Girls with hula hoops were hooping backstage while Tunnel Vision were rocking the crowd.

SMKFLWR, you’ve officially thrown the best party of 2020 thus far.

By the time Through The Roots came on, SMKFLWR merch could be seen in all directions (as well as pillars of smoke in the air). The bars couldn’t pump out drinks fast enough. SMKFLWR models were walking the runway in between bellydancers and fire twirlers. One girl even jived with a samurai sword, balancing it on her head in intricate poses! The main girl of the hour, Ms. HIRIE, then hopped onstage with her boys to close it all down, wearing uncharacteristically flat footwear to match her fresh HIRIE SMKFLWR hoodie. Following the set, the general consensus was tat the party was far from over. Heading to the Pásea bar, it seemed the after party had two options: the upstairs club across the street or this place called American Dream. The club’s line wrapped around the stairwell, with a wait time of 45+ minutes. Yikes.

Rumors that Iration guitarist Adam Taylor had a connection with American Dream started circulating, prompting this reporter to check it out. American Dream seemed to be closed, with chairs on tables, yet the bar was overflowing with patrons and drinks were still being poured. Inquisitively, I asked how much wines cost to find the person behind the counter to be the owner. “All drinks tonight are free all night,” he replied. “Just tip your bartender!” That was one of the last things I remember. SMKFLWR, you’ve officially thrown the best party of 2020 thus far.

Recap article by Kristy Rose
Photography by Sean McCracken

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