Sound on Sound 2023: Day Two

Sound On Sound day two kicked off with bright skies, and even brighter spirits. While the previous day’s cloudiness did nothing to dull the experience, having the sun shining and the bright blue of the sky beam down helped refresh the energy of the returning attendees.

The mud dried up and the fans swapped rain boots for sneakers, ready to dance the day away as they prepared for the emotional experience of the singer-songwriters to come. 

Mt. Joy kicked off the hot, early afternoon with their upbeat hits. The crowd belted back the words to “Silver Lining,” “Strangers,” and “Astrovan” as they danced on the newly solid ground.  The band’s energy extended to the crowd, revitalizing them after the previous days drinking, muddy dancing and sing-a-longs. 

Dispatch has a long history with Seaside Park, having played this area back when the festival was called Gathering Of the Vibes. Their history has cultivated a passionate fanbase within Connecticut, and those fans were all out on Sunday. Asides from their big hits that must’ve been known across the land like “The General,” the Sunday attendees appeared to know the words to almost every other song they played. Dispatch seemed so happy to be playing for Connecticut, smiles spread across all the band members’ faces that extended to everyone who had the privilege of listening to them. 

As the sun started to set into a beautiful sunset, everyone was ready for more. Hozier took center stage, and as the fans brought the tissues out in preparation, Hozier made sure that they were put to good use. The sunset in combination with his emotional ballads was sure to pull at the heartstrings of everyone in the vicinity. 

John Mayer grew up in Fairfield, Connecticut and the hometown connection was clear in the way he approached his songs. From the moment he walked out, we could all feel how much it must mean to him to get to play in Connecticut (despite him being an artist that regularly sells out stadiums across the country, there is truly no place like home). John treated the crowd to stories about his high school and his dad’s reign as principal to Central High School down the street. The stage for the weekend was over ten feet high, making it difficult for the photographers to capture the artists; something John Mayer noticed and commented on while walking forward towards us as he said “since this will probably make the cover of the Norwalk Hour, I have to make sure the photographers get what they need!” In addition to the consideration he showed us, it was an incredibly special show being able to hear him sing out “I want to run through the halls of my high school,” and reference all the places and people that made him who he is mere blocks away from where it all occurred. 

After John Mayer closed out the festival with his cover of “Free Fallin’”, the crowd exited the festival knowing that they were able to experience some truly beautiful music that weekend.

The Sound On Sound ferris wheel lit up the night as the weekend officially came to a satisfying conclusion. 

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