Supergroup, boygenius, brings their short film to the El Rey Theatre

On a very intimate and special evening on March 30th, eager fans lined up and wrapped around the historic El Rey Theatre in the heart of Los Angeles to celebrate boygenius’ new album the record and global premier of their short film, the film directed by actor and director, Kristen Stewart. Singer/songwriters Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers and Lucy Dacus met back in 2018 with the release of their ‘EP’ and right away hit it off. With their brand new album released on March 31st, boygenius also announced recently that they will be embarking on a US tour with special guests, Carly Rae Jepsen, Broken Social Scene, Bartees Strange, Claud and illuminati hotties. 

As ecstatic fans slowly trickle into the famous venue, security suddenly stopped the line as boygenius arrived in a black limo where they pulled up and got out to take photos for the press before heading into their anticipated event. While inside, the bright red walls and chandeliers surrounded the room where fans were lined up to buy merch at the merch booth, grab fresh popcorn, take photos at photo booths and grab their favorite beverages before heading to their seats. 

Right when the lights started to fade down, the host walked out onto the stage and asked Kristen Stewart to come out to introduce the film that she directed. Fans then erupted in cheers as they saw her walk out and thanked everyone for coming. Stewart proceeded to get on her knees and said “the incredible firework show that pops off when these three come together, I am such an enormous fan, I wish I had them to look up to when I was a kid”. She also said, “thank you, it felt like a fever dream making this thing and I imagine if you got to step into what it feels like their shared conciseness that you might feel pretty on fucking fire too”. She ended by saying “have fun and thank you so much for letting me do this”.

After the short film wrapped, the host and the members boygenius got up on stage and sat down for a special moderated Q&A for the fans.

In the beginning, boygenius mentioned that the concept of this beautifully visual masterpiece was all Stewart but they also contributed a lot and is just super proud of her and happy to have an excuse to share space with her and make something.

During the event, Phoebe Bridgers said that they knew right away when they met that right then and there they wanted to form the band together. It took them more than half of their friendship to create the album and it was written over two and half years ago. 

During the Q&A, someone from the press asked “what song on the record are you most excited for people to hear”. Julien Baker and Lucy Dacus said theirs was “Letter To An Old Poet” and Bridges said “We’re In Love” was one they respectively couldn’t wait for fans to listen to. Another question was “what is one of your favorite pieces of inspiration whether directly or indirectly called out whether that’s art or other music or literature”. boygenius stated that there is a song called “Parking Lot” by Mineral that they were inspired by because the song goes really hard and that’s what they wanted to do on the record. Also a film called The Handmaiden was a part of their inspiration behind the music. One of the last questions from a fan was “considering your success all individually and as a group, I was wondering if you had any advice or wisdom on young creatives based on your experience”. Bridgers said that not only do you need a good lawyer but love the work you are doing and if you aren’t a huge fan of what you are making, then you will most likely disagree with the people that do like it. Towards the end of the Q&A, Dacus talked about how their friendship deepened during the making of the record, that they were able to share more experiences together and if you show up and share space and learn more together and allow each other to support one another. And last, Bridgers said that her favorite line from the album was, “see, you don’t havе to make it bad, Just ’cause you know how” which was written by Baker from the group.

If you’d like to step out for some fun and see boygenius on their US tour, just head here for ticket information. And if you haven’t seen the short film, boygenius – the film yet, you can do so below.

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