The Aquabats & The English Beat take over OC’s Pacific Amphitheater

On August 14th, The Aquabats and The English Beat held a sold-out co-headlining show at the Pacific Amphitheatre in Costa Mesa, CA. I grew up going to shows at Pac Amp, so it’s always fun to go back and shoot shows there! This show had such a wide age range — from small kids to a slew of 50 somethings.

It was epic seeing everyone dancing and singing together again in a large amphitheater!

The night started off with Oingo Boingo cover band Dead Man’s Party, hitting the stage and playing all the Oingo Boingo tunes I remember from when I was younger. Next up was The English Beat, another great experience, singing along to songs I used to listen to back in high school and watching 10,000 other people do the same. Finally, The Aquabats came out and hit the ground running. The energy and just pure fun they put out onstage is amazing! The various characters they brought out to be a part of each song was extremely entertaining, as always. Overall, it was an amazing night of music, dancing and nostalgia.

Photography by Sean McCracken

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